Move Faster, Shoot Better with Glorious Gaming Gear

Achieve lightning reflexes and pinpoint accuracy with Glorious PC Gaming Race's lightweight wireless mice, hybrid mousepads, and hot-swappable mechanical keyboards.

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Gamers, ascend to the next level with an elite arsenal of high-performance gear from Glorious PC Gaming Race. If you live for buttery smooth headshots in Call of Duty, lightning-fast edits in Fortnite, or rapid ability combos in League of Legends, then Glorious has the peripherals to take your skills to new heights.

Let's explore how Glorious PC Gaming Race's groundbreaking ultra-lightweight mice, control/speed hybrid mousepads, and fully customizable mechanical keyboards will arm you with unmatched reaction times, strategic button mappings, and flawless aiming precision. Read on for an in-depth briefing on these frag-enhancing weapons – and how they'll help you own the competition.


Glorious Elements: Fire & Ice

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Glorious Model O

Glorious GMMK

The Glorious Model Series – Next-Gen Mice Built For Speed

Glorious PC Gaming Race is renowned for engineering featherweight mice without compromising high-performance specs. Both the Glorious Model O Wireless and the feature-packed Model I Wireless deliver speed and accuracy tailored for FPS and MOBA domination.

Model O Wireless – Disappear Into The Game

model o wireless minus black 1

The Glorious Model O Wireless lives up to its name, vanishing into your hand with its impossibly lightweight 69-gram design. Thanks to the proprietary BAMF sensor co-developed with Pixart, this honeycomb shell mouse offers flawless performance with 400 IPS tracking speed, 50G acceleration, 19,000 DPI sensitivity, and 1,000Hz polling rate.

Snapping headshots and whipping 180-degree flicks feels telepathic. The low-friction PTFE feet glide like ice. RGB lighting and ergonomics are strategically designed for fatigueless comfort, even during marathon sessions. At 2-3 days of battery life with lighting on 25%, you'll rarely need to plug in.

For FPS sharpshooters who want a mouse faster than the speed of thought, the Model O Wireless is endgame gear. The $79.99 price tag is a small price for such a huge competitive edge.

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Glorious Model O 2. Our award-winning gaming mouse, upgraded with cutting-edge features and an improved shell design.

Model I 2 Wireless – Armed For MMO Dominance

MOBA and MMO aficionados require a mouse with plenty of easily accessible buttons for activating abilities. The Glorious Model I 2 Wireless satisfies with 9 programmable buttons including 4 swappable magnetic side buttons.

The lightweight 75-gram design includes strategically contoured ergonomics that support the natural shape of your hand for maximum comfort. Glorious' BAMF 2.0 sensor ensures pixel-perfect precision during high-intensity team fights and raids when targets are everywhere.

model i2 gallery floating hero black

With robust 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, and up to 210 hours of battery life, the Model I 2 Wireless has the endurance to match its performance. Extensive RGB customization immerses you in the action.

For MMO warriors who want to map a dizzying array of macros and abilities at their fingertips, the Model I 2 Wireless is an elite-tier ally at $99.99 MSRP.

Glorious Elements Series – Hybrid Mousepads That Master Speed and Control

Now that your new Glorious mouse delivers lightning reflexes, you need an optimized surface that can keep up. Glorious PC Gaming Race's Elements Series mousepads provide the speed or control you need through an ingenious hybrid design.

Elements Ice – Pure Speed For Lightning Flicks

The Elements Ice mousepad lives up to its frosty name with an incredibly smooth glide that will have your mouse flying across the desk. Its glass-infused cloth surface provides almost zero friction on top of a premium foam core base.

Ideal for first-person shooters where whip-fast flicks and 180s are everything, the Elements Ice provides a brilliantly slick texture for unhindered speed. When pure velocity and freedom of movement are paramount, Ice delivers in spades.

Elements Fire – Balanced Speed and Control

For just $34.99 more, the Elements Fire mousepad adds precisely the right texture and friction to enable both rapid slides and controlled sniping. The rougher weave creates the perfect balance between speed and precision.

I find Fire ideal for multiplayer online battle arenas where you need to alternate between carefully landing skill shots and quickly repositioning your champion. The initial friction provides superb tracking control, then speeds up once you get moving.

Both the Elements Ice and Elements Fire series strike an optimal 900mm x 950mm size for maximizing maneuverability on your desk. And the grippy rubber base prevents any sliding. For $34.99, these hybrid pads are a steal.

GMMK Pro Modular Mechanical Keyboard – Create Your Ideal Click

Now complete your elite fragging setup with Glorious PC Gaming Race's fully customizable GMMK Pro modular mechanical keyboard. With its sturdy aluminum frame, the GMMK Pro provides a rock-solid foundation.

21089 1789274

But its true beauty lies in the easily swappable switches and keycaps. Hotswap sockets give you the freedom to continuously change your mechanical switches whenever you want to try new tactile feels.

Craving ultra-clicky box navy switches for typing? Or super smooth Gateron black inks for gaming? How about throwing on some pudding keycaps for maximum RGB radiance? With the GMMK Pro, you can customize your perfect keyboard.

21089 1789275

The 96% compact layout trims unnecessary fat while retaining a comfortable form factor for gaming and typing. Foam sound dampening keeps clacking noises down, while satisfyingly reactive stabs ensure every keypress registers perfectly.

For pros who demand a personalized typing experience, limitless customization options make the GMMK Pro a definitive endgame keyboard. The $169.99 MSRP buys you a keyboard that can transform along with your evolving preferences.

Dominate the Competition with Glorious Gear

Well, gamers, there you have it – the inside scoop on how Glorious PC Gaming Race can upgrade your skills through class-leading mice, mousepads, and keyboards. Their commitment to impossibly lightweight designs, innovative hybrid surfaces, and unlimited customization place Glorious Peripherals in a class of their own.

With the Model O Wireless' telepathic aiming, the Model I Wireless' expansive macro potential, the balanced control of the Elements Fire, the speedy edges of the Elements Ice, and the unlimited personalization of the GMMK Pro – you'll have all the tools necessary to step up your game and pwn the competition.

Visit NOW to build the elite fragging machine you need to dominate your favourite games. That victory royale awaits – Godspeed gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Glorious a Chinese brand?

No, Glorious PC Gaming Race is an American company founded in 2014 and headquartered in California. All Glorious products are designed in-house at their US headquarters.

Is Glorious good for gaming?

Yes, Glorious gear is designed specifically with gaming in mind. Their ultra lightweight mice, hybrid mousepads, and hotswappable keyboards give gamers a competitive edge. The brand is known for high-quality, innovative products.

Who is the CEO of Glorious gaming?

Pat Wachendorf is the current CEO of Glorious PC Gaming Race, having succeeded Glorious' founder Shazim Mohammad, who remains a significant equity holder in the company.

Why did Glorious change their name?

Glorious was originally named PC Gaming Race when founded in 2014 by Shazim Mohammad. They changed to the current name Glorious PC Gaming Race in 2019 to better reflect the brand's identity and aid brand recognition.

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