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Unlisted by Keepsafe: Protect your number

Unlisted Keepsafe review android news all bytes Martin Guay Ottawa

15 SharesShareTweetSharePinKeepsafe is a company that wants to ensure that you’re safe all the time while online. This is where we have an app like Unlisted! If you’re unsure about giving out your telephone number, then give out an Unlisted number. With today’s privacy fleeting more than ever, it’s important to keep some of our private aspect of life private. …

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Update – Tangerine & Google Pay is LIVE in Canada!

Tangerine Google Pay Canada Martin Guay Ottawa Android

3 SharesShareTweetSharePinIt appears that Tangerine is now live with Google Pay in Canada! No word yet from Tangerine on their Twitter account. [Update 11:00AM EST] Tangerine comfirmed this morning via a reply to one of my Tweets that Google Pay is now live! 3 SharesShareTweetSharePin

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Facebook & Instagram announce new tools to manage time spent on them

IG FB Activity Dashboard Time monitor Martin ottawa Canada

4 SharesShareTweetSharePinFacebook / Instagram: Today we are announcing new tools to help people manage their time on Facebook and Instagram: an activity dashboard, a daily reminder and a new way to limit notifications. //– Press Release We developed these tools based on collaboration and inspiration from leading mental health experts and organizations, academics, our own extensive research and feedback from …

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YouTube Music & YouTube Premium (Previously Red) hits Canada!

YouTube Music & YouTube Premium (Previously Red) hits Canada!

13 SharesShareTweetSharePinGoogle is revamping its music and paid video plans once more. We saw a soft lunch in May mostly in the United States, but now, YouTube Music is now officially available to everyone in Canada and 16 other countries. The service costs $9.99 CAD a month, but new members can get three months for free. The family plan is …

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Google Files Go: Cleanup, regain storage, enjoy liberty again

Google Files Go martin android news all bytes review

7 SharesShareTweetSharePinIntroducing Google Files Go, Google’s storage management utility designed to regain control over your storage so that you can store what you really need and get rid of what you don’t. Using the latest and greatest in the world of AI from Google, you’ll be able to declutter that device of yours! Browsing the Play store on your device …

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Cryptocurrency mobile miner for ETN now available on your smartphone!

electroneum_app-Google-Playstore_martin-android 2

76 SharesShareTweetSharePinThe cryptocurrency Electroneum (ETN) is revolutionizing the mobile world by launching a mobile miner directly on the wallet. – By Marc Gauthier What is Electroneum? Cryptocurrency mobile miner You have probably heard of Bitcoin, the main cryptocurrency started in 2009 by an anonymous guy that everyone calls Satoshi Nakamoto. Since the creation of the Bitcoin, over 1700 alt-coins (alternative …

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Action Launcher improves AdaptiveZoom, more enhancements in latest update

Action Launcher improves AdaptiveZoom

15 SharesShareTweetSharePinSome excellent news coming from Chris Lacy in regards to Action Launcher. The latest update improves some of the major features found in Action Launcher. Action Launcher improves AdaptiveZoom in v34. AL gained AdaptiveZoom just a little while ago, ok maybe a bit longer than that, which was a very innovative icon enhancement that felt natural while making everything …

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How-to DISABLE Google’s Feed content in the Google app


10 SharesShareTweetSharePinI’ve noticed that the Feed content in the Google App likes to refresh often here’s a how-to DISABLE Google’s Feed content in the Google app. Many people make use of the Feed that is provided in the Google App, the advantages are that Google delivers content that is of interest to you. In reality, if you aren’t making use …

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