Olive Launches Next-Gen Hearing Aids 

Written By

Martin Guay

Olive Union launches next-gen hearing aids with style. Olive Max earbuds pack sound enhancement in a subtle design. 

Engineered for mild-moderate hearing loss. Amplifies conversations, mutes noise. Rechargeable battery lasts 10 hours. 

Key Features of Olive Max tle 2

Customized Comfort and Connectivity

Wraparound buds are comfortable and customizable. AI presets tailored to  your unique hearing. True wireless streaming and hands-free calls. 

Olive Union's mission is accessible, stigma-free hearing aids. Olive Max  delivers. Founder: "Next step in wearables for hearing loss." 

Olive Union's Accessible Mission

Upgrade to Olive Max Today 

Don't miss life's conversations. Upgrade to Olive Max today. Hear better, live better. Order now for $398 at OliveUnion.com.