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Can you build a Gaming computer on a BUDGET? Part 2

Can you build a Gaming computer on a BUDGET? Part 2

0 SharesShareTweetSharePinIf you haven’t already seen the previous article on the subject of a budget gaming computer you may want to head over to that article and check out it. PART 1. The idea was to come out of this ahead of the game with some simple ideas. Build a new computer dedicated to gaming. The budget was set to …

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Can you build a Gaming computer on a BUDGET? HOLD MY BEER!

Can you build a PC Gaming computer on a BUDGET? HOLD MY BEER!

4 SharesShareTweetSharePinCan you build a PC Gaming computer on a BUDGET? HOLD MY BEER! Literally, hold my beer… Let’s take a dive in the world of Gaming on PC. The premise is to see if we can play decent games on modest computer setup. I’m aware that the definition of “budget” is different from one person to another, but I’ve …

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MUJJO’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guides – Coupon Code

MUJJO Valentines Day discount header

5 SharesShareTweetSharePinI recently touched on the Double Layered Gloves that MUJJO offers! Their lineup is excellent, chic and this goes well hand in hand with all the city slickers. MUJJO‘s all in for valentine’s day and would like to extend an offering to the consumers. They not only produce gloves but they also have smartphone cases, sleeves for tablets and …

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Is the need for budget smartphones real?

Is the need for budget smartphone real header

9 SharesShareTweetSharePinIs the need for budget smartphones real? We see lots of advertising the mighty high-end flagships of each brand. Have we thought about doing the same for the budget friendly? The answer to that question is yes! The unfortunate truth is that most and if not the majority of people cannot afford the latest and greatest of them all. …

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[Review] Nuraphone’s tailored music experience

Nuraphone tailored music experience review

6 SharesShareTweetSharePinNura is a company that produces the Nuraphone which are a bit more than just a pair of headphones. In short, it’s a headphone that adapts to how you hear. Nura creates a tailored hearing experience just for you. You’re likely wondering how in the world is this possible and is it even affordable for people? I’m sure you …

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Happy New Year! – CES 2019

CES2019 Android News All Bytes Martin Ottawa

1 SharesShareTweetSharePinIt’s the 1st of January 2019 and it’s a new year, but is it really? Any New Year resolution? Goals? Projects? No? Alright, well maybe I have a few things on the go, but right around the corner is CES 2019! That’s right CES 2019 is just around the corner and this is poised to be a crazy event! …

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Christmas Day – Has Santa been good to you?

Christmas 2018 Google Home Max Android News Martin Ottawa All bytes

8 SharesShareTweetSharePinGood morning folks! It’s Christmas morning and time to get all these gifts opened! If you have kids, they are probably driving you mad at this time and if you don’t, well enjoy your coffee. We’re you good this year? I know I was! This Christmas season has started with a Google Home Max! Pretty sweet deal if you …

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Scout campaign launched Indiegogo – All-In-One Charger intelliARMOR

Scout by intelliARMOR Android News All Bytes Martin

9 SharesShareTweetSharePinintelliARMOR launched just in the last few days their campaign on Indiegogo about Scout! The title definitely gives it away right? It’s an All-In-One Charger solution that also offers wireless charging! World’s Most Versatile Charger. Fully loaded with a built-in wall charger, built-in cables, quick-charging USB Port, and proprietary intelligent charging technology. Incredibly slim design weighs in at 3 …

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