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4 Ways How to Disinfect Phone: Using BEST methods!

Martin Guay
How to Disinfect Phone – Intro I’m going to show you how to disinfect phone the best way. Most of you are currently sure about how you should go about this right? Ready to know what you should be using versus what you think? I’m...
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[FULLY FUNDED] Crazy Wireless charging PopSocket

Martin Guay
UPDATE: 02/20/2020 1:10:55 PM Wireless charging popsocket pad GripDockIt The campaign to make wireless charging even more convenient launched on February 4 and is FULLY FUNDED. GripDockIt, the innovative wireless charging solution that works with PopSockets, Nuckees and SpinPop. The on-the-go car charger changes the...
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VPN – Risky business Why you SHOULD use one NOW!

Martin Guay
Introduction to VPN Protecting your privacy online is more crucial than ever. Simply just following best “practices” isn’t enough now a day. Here comes the world of VPN services. Don’t sweat it! I’ve taken the liberty of covering the basics in this infographic. The infographic...
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