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Why SHOULD you use a VPN?

Martin Guay
Protecting your privacy online is more crucial than ever. Simply just following best “practices” isn’t enough now a day. Here comes the world of VPN services. Don’t sweat it! I’ve taken the liberty of covering the basics in this infographic. The infographic touches just the...
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Nomad Universal USB-C Cable delivering 100W!

Martin Guay
Are you looking for a multi-use cable? Look no further than the Universal USB-C cable by Nomad! When you can get a USB-C cable that can deliver 100W worth of power, it’s hard to look elsewhere. Each cable features a new over-moulded alloy plug housing...
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Wireless charging WITH your PopSocket – Kickstarter campaign

Martin Guay
GripDockIt is the answer to your charging needs. GripDockIt charges phones (both Android and Apple) wirelessly with a PopSocket still attached. The desktop version features a cradle for the PopSocket, so the phone is flush to the charger. A car charger features a similar design...
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Year of The Privacy Leak & Data Breaches 2019

Martin Guay
2019 was one of the most significant years for privacy information leak and data breaches. We saw several big companies admitting to severe issues. A simple reality check denotes that being a large business brings forth complicated and intricate security issues. Information such as name,...
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Find out the A – Z of Logitech’s MX Keys Part 2of2

Martin Guay
I’m diving into the world of the MX series from Logitech, and you can read part 1 of this series over here. I’ve covered details from features, software, ergonomics, to things you can achieve. Recently released in September 2019, the Logitech MX Keys keyboard is...
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