Review: Glorious Elements ICE & FIRE Mousepads

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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A review of the latest Glorious Elements Ice, Glorious Elements Fire mousepads which Glorious PC Gaming has put forward for gamers everywhere!

Glorious PC Gaming Race has been working hard to produce exciting products. One of the first products they released was the GMMK Pro keyboard, which I'm still using. Then recently came three new mousepads called Elements. The set Fire, Air, and Ice are here to change the mouse pad industry. I'll be taking a stab at the Glorious Elements ICE and the Glorious Elements Fire.

Glorious Elements Fire & Ice mousepads

If you're interested in the GMMK Pro review head over here.

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The Glorious Elements Ice Pad

The Glorious Elements Ice Pad is trying to fill a niche in the mousepad market: a pad that is fast, smooth, and has no sacrifices over control. It's invaluable in fast-paced gaming, and this is where ICE's unique feature shines.

The mousepad is 43 cm in length, 38.1 cm in height and is 3 mm thick. The Glass infused cloth surface offers a premium foam-core with a non-slip rubber base resulting in little to no texture and a slick glide. Paired with the Glorious Model O Wireless, this is a no-brainer.

The surface of the mousepad feels like a seriously thin piece of laminate on top of a cloth. In my product research, I encountered people who talked about the X/Y axis, where the horizontal was slower than the vertical. In my testing, I did not feel this slight resistance that others felt. It was easy to spin around in-game such as Modern Warfare or Valorant. Mind you, I'm not the best player out there, and I do get my ass handed to me.

I know that serious gamers out there might have a different opinion, but again that comes down to personal experience and choice. I've been using the Glorious Elements ICE mousepad for over a month, and my feeling about it is, damn, this baby can fly.

To keep the ICE mousepad in good condition, I'd recommend washing it every few weeks with some warm water and dawn soap. I wouldn't say to soak it, but give it a good clean and wipe the soap with a few passes of water.

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The size of this mouse pad is pretty standard and decent for most situations. You might enjoy it for gaming, but if you're a minimalist player, you might find that it takes up too much desk space. It's a good tradeoff for most users, but I've found that it can be a bit too small to fit my needs; I would prefer to see a larger version.

Though the pad has a glorious hand-feel, it is easily scuffed and also shows fingerprints. I'm worried that this may affect its durability and make it prone to slowing down in some areas, which will require replacing. The $34.99 asking price is approaching the budget-friendly range. I still do recommend it for anyone serious about gaming.

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Glorious Elements ICE mousepads review

The Glorious Elements Fire Pad

The Glorious Elements Fire Mousepad is not alone in the way it brings you the best of both worlds. It has a hybrid surface, which brings hard plastic and soft cloth together. The Glorious Fire Mousepad, though, is not unique. Other brands exist that have similar mousepads.

The pad is fast and smooth, but not too much. The initial friction provides for smaller movements. When you start to move around, the fire becomes slippery and fast. However, there is still enough friction and resistance to allow you to make smooth and tiny movements without feeling like the whole surface will slide away.

When it comes to the durability of this mousepad, because I use it for a short time, I can't comment on it. I did not notice any change in the glide of the mouse, and the X/Y glide was consistent, so that is good. The mousepad is 43 cm in length, 38.1 cm in height and is 3 mm thick.

Much like the ICE, the FIRE mousepad list itself for $34.99. The Glorious Fire is a great option for folks who want a fast pad with more stopping power and control than the popular middle-ground pads. This pad offers a good mix of speed and stopping power.

Glorious Elements FIRE mousepads review

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