Pump Up Your Tunes with Tranya T6: Review

Wireless earbuds bringing premium sound to your budget!

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Tranya T6 earbuds with charging case review
4.4 The Tranya T6 wireless earbuds punch above their budget price with a premium design, customizable controls, marathon battery life, and balanced, detailed sound quality making them an easy recommendation for value-focused listeners.

Tired of flimsy earbuds that sound like tin cans? Want wireless freedom without breaking the bank? The Tranya T6 is here to pump up your tunes without pumping out your wallet.

These Bluetooth earbuds pack premium features into an affordable package. We're talking seamless wireless performance, waterproof design, customizable controls, marathon battery life, and most importantly, crisp, accurate audio that punches above its price point.

Keep reading to find out if the feature-loaded T6 is the budget-friendly pair your ears have been waiting for. Plus I have a %50 coupon at the end!

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Tranya aims to upend the notion that good wireless sound must cost a small fortune. Enter the T6 earbuds.

For less than $120, these pocket-sized buds check all the boxes:

  • Qualcomm QCC3040 chip for low latency and extended Bluetooth range
  • Bluetooth 5.2 for quick pairing and dual device connections
  • Customizable controls and EQ presets through the Tranya app
  • IPX5 waterproofing and sweat resistance
  • Detailed sound quality with punchy bass, clear mids and smooth treble
  • Up to 34 hours of total battery life
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While active noise cancellation is missing, the 4-mic system provides excellent call and audio quality for the price.

If you want portable wireless freedom without compromising sound or features, the T6 makes it easy to pump up your tunes on a budget.

Tranya T6 earbuds IPX5 waterproof rating Review

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Tranya T6 – Specifications



Driver6mm composite driver
ChipsetQualcomm QCC3040
Bluetooth Version5.2
CodecsSBC, AAC, aptX Adaptive
Battery LifeUp to 9 hrs (earbuds), 25 hrs (with case), 34 hrs total
Water ResistanceIPX5
Wireless ChargingNo
Included AccessoriesCharging case, USB-C cable, 3 sizes of ear tips
Weight4g per earbud, 50g charging case
Warranty1 year


Tranya nailed the design with the T6. The buds sport a premium metal finish in an understated Rose Gold colorway.

Weighing just 4 grams each, the ergonomic shape guarantees all-day comfort. And with three sizes of silicone ear tips included, you'll have no issues getting a secure fit for workouts and all-day wear.

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The charging case sticks to a compact, pocket-friendly pebble shape. The row of LEDs on the front gives you battery levels at a quick glance.

While the T6 doesn't have touch controls, the intuitive physical buttons on each earbud can be customized through the Tranya app. You can configure single/double taps to control playback, volume, calls, voice assistants, gaming mode, and more to suit your preferences. This level of customizability is handy compared to brands like Anker which rely on touch controls.

With an IPX5 waterproof rating, you can work up a sweat or get caught in the rain without any audio dropouts or damage.


Here are some of the features that give the T6 an edge in the budget wireless market:

  • Qualcomm QCC3040 chip: Enables seamless connectivity, ultra-low latency, extended range and crystal clear call quality courtesy of cVc 8.0 noise reduction.
  • Bluetooth 5.2: Quick pairing and the ability to connect to two devices at once means seamless switching between your phone, tablet, laptop, etc.
  • aptX Adaptive codec: Optimizes wireless audio quality for richer sound across the frequency range.
  • Customizable controls: The physical buttons on each earbud can be configured to your liking through the Tranya app.
  • IPX5 waterproofing: No need to worry about sweat or light rain damaging the buds.
  • Tranya app: Available on iOS and Android, the app lets you tailor the sound with EQ presets and configure gaming mode.

Considering the affordable sub-$100 price point, the T6 is stacked with connectivity, convenience and audio enhancement features you'd expect in far pricier competitors.

Customization of the earbuds via the APP Tranya T6 earbuds Review

Sound Quality

The proof is in the listening, and the T6 delivers surprisingly clean, balanced sound with outstanding clarity.

The 6mm composite drivers serve up powerful bass without muffling the mids and highs. You can feel the thump and rumble of bass-heavy hip-hop and EDM tracks without losing detail.

Vocals come through with excellent presence. The mild mid-range boost ensures singers stand out across genres from Adele to Arctic Monkeys. Acoustic instruments like guitars and pianos sound crisp, with their resonance intact.

Treble strikes a nice balance between sparkle and smoothness. Cymbals shimmer without sounding tinny or harsh at higher volumes. There's no shrillness or sibilance even on brighter rock tracks.

The open soundstage gives the music a spacious quality. You can pinpoint the direction and distance of individual instruments – a rare trait for sub-$100 wireless earbuds.

Gaming and videos shine thanks to the 40ms low latency mode. Explosions and gunshots in PUBG Mobile land with visceral impact while Fortnite footsteps emanate from precise locations to give you a competitive edge.

While audiophiles may notice some missing micro-detail compared to the $200+ bracket, the T6 delivers outstanding musicality given their accessible price.

Battery Life

With up to 34 hours of cumulative playtime, juice won't be a concern with the T6.

The earbuds alone provide over 9 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. Pop them back in the pocket-sized charging case for two additional total charges.

In a pinch? 30 minutes in the case provides 5 extra hours of listening time with the T6's rapid charge feature.

True wireless freedom never sounded so good.

Pricing & Availability

Tranya T6 retails at $119.99 and comes in an Obsidian & Rose Gold colour option. You can purchase the Tranya T6 earbuds via Tranya’s official website with a 50% discount which means you can get them for $69.99. But for the discount code, you'll have to wait till the end of the review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Tranya T6 have active noise cancellation?

No, the T6 does not have active noise cancellation. They rely on a tight in-ear seal and a 4-microphone system to passively block noise.

How long does the battery last?

The T6 earbuds provide over 9 hours of playtime, with an additional 25 hours from the charging case, for 34 hours total battery life.

Can I customize the controls?

Yes, you can customize the controls on each earbud via the Tranya app for Android and iOS. This lets you configure taps for playback, volume, calls, gaming mode, etc.

What Bluetooth codecs do the T6 support?

The T6 is equipped with the Qualcomm QCC3040 chipset, which supports advanced codecs like AAC and aptX Adaptive for high-quality wireless audio.

Do the earbuds have an IP waterproof rating?

Yes, the T6 has an IPX5 rating which makes it sweatproof and resistant to rain and splashes.

Final Verdict

The Tranya T6 earbuds prove that you no longer need to sacrifice sound quality in pursuit of wireless convenience.

For less than $120, the T6 checks every box: stylish design, loaded features, customizable controls, sweatproofing, and most importantly, crisp, accurate audio that brings your tunes to life.

If you want deep, punchy bass, clear mids, detailed treble, immersive gaming, and marathon battery life from your wireless buds, the Tranya T6 exceeds expectations at every turn.

Treat your ears without emptying your wallet. Grab the feature-packed T6 and start pumping out the jams. Your ears and bank account will thank you.

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Tranya T6 earbuds with charging case review
The Tranya T6 wireless earbuds punch above their budget price with a premium design, customizable controls, marathon battery life, and balanced, detailed sound quality making them an easy recommendation for value-focused listeners. 4.4
Sound quality - This should cover frequency range, bass, mids, treble, soundstage, clarity, etc. 4.6
Design and comfort - Review the build quality, fit, weight and how comfortable they are for long listening sessions. 4.1
Features - Cover key features like customization, waterproofing, latency, wireless connectivity etc. 4
Battery life - Provide details on real-world battery tests and how long they last on a charge. 4.7
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