Glorious Model O: Fantastic Gaming Mouse

Martin Guay
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Glorious Model O: Fantastic Gaming Mouse

The Glorious Model O is one of a kind! I haven't had the privilege of finding other lightweight mice in this class. Whether you're an experienced gamer or a casual gamer, we all have a preference for the type of mice we like to use when playing video games. Glorious PC Gaming is a brand based on consumer demand for premium gaming accessories at a lower price point.

I like a lightweight mouse that offers options with a well-balanced blend of hardware and software. You might think that this is just a mouse and that there's nothing more to it, but in fact, there's a little more to it then you can visually see.

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My Experience

I played several games with the Glorious Model O, such as Warzone, Monster Hunter World, The Witcher 3 etc. Since the mouse weighed nothing at 67g, I did not feel any strain in my hand, wrist or arm. Often time repeated movements can lead to some pain, stiffness or other things. I didn't experience this over the time I've used the ergonomically tailored Glorious Model O. Quick action in-game allowed for the easy defeat of my enemies.

On the outside, you have six buttons that you can configure for a multitude of options. Custom mapping of the buttons and ways to define macros for a combination of effects is plentiful. The mouse, as you can see, provides a variety of RGB options as well as its unique hexagon shape shell. Like most gaming mouse on the market, you can define the DPI level at which it travels from slow movements to extremely fast-paced reactions.

Under the Hood

Some more technical aspects would be the use of the Pixart PMW-3360 sensor that Glorious is using. This sensor has been well tested and defined as a go-to for manufacturers in the gaming space. The clicks of the buttons are Omron mechanical switches, which tend to provide better feedback with little pressure requirements for actuation. The Glorious Model O G-Skates Premium Mouse Feet keeps this bad boy gliding on any surface you use.

With having multiple games, it's also important to ensure that you can create multiple gaming profiles. The software lets you create specific profiles for each of the scenarios you'll find yourself in, which means you can customize your gaming aspect in all the needed details.

Here's an improvement I could see Glorious implementing in the Model O. Offering the ability to increase the weight of the Model O would be a nice touch. Some gamers might like the ability to have a light or heavy mouse from Glorious based on the Model O. If I take a good look at the Model O as it is, I can see this addition being completed without much fuss.

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Model O Glorious PC Gaming Race software
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How much?

The Glorious Model O for a gaming mouse isn't expensive as you might think. Coming in just under 50 at USD 49.99, this is an excellent choice for anyone! It has a lot going for itself, and I'm sure we will see some new iteration that will be even better. In case my Canadian followers are wondering, the Model O is available for $79.99 Canadian Dollars.

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Not everyone is aware of Glorious brand idea to bring affordable high-end accessories to the masses. The Glorious Model O achieved this with its affordability, software and hardware. I'm enjoying the use of it, and I'm likely to continue using it until it dies on me. Since this is also kicking into the holiday season, it's a great pick for a stocking stuffer!

Model O Glorious PC Gaming Race review

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