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Samsung's Lightning-Fast 990 Pro 4TB SSD review: Sets New Speed Records

Samsung's 4TB 990 PRO SSD brings lightning next-gen speeds to your PC. Real-world transfer speeds up to 7,500MB/s load games in mere seconds and move huge 100GB movie files in under a minute. Its ultra-responsive speeds deliver smooth, lag-free gaming and creation. With a massive 4TB capacity, extreme endurance, and cooling features, it handles intense workloads easily. If you demand the absolute fastest performance for gaming and creation, the 990 PRO delivers mind-blowing real-world speeds.

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LG 34'' UltraWide Ergo QHD IPS HDR Monitor with FreeSync
As working from home becomes the preferred normal for many people, finding the right computer monitor is more important than ever. In spite of the…
Viper Gaming mechanical RGB keyboard V765 review
In general, there are two types of keyboards: basic and extended. Basic keyboards have a variety of features such as styles and colours. Extended keyboards…
Gaming Headset GSP 601 & GSX 300 EPOS Sennheiser Review product 1
Confused about which type of headphones to buy? I hear you! It can be infuriating trying to figure out what type to purchase. There are…
Galaxy S22 Review - Display close up
One of the most difficult choices for people these days is picking the perfect phone. There are many good phones to choose from and so…
Casio WSD-F20 Smartwatch featuring Android Wear 2.0
Smartwatches are portable devices that are meant to be worn on the wrist. In their form factor, they are touchscreen devices, offer apps, and usually…
Samsung Tablet - Galaxy Tab Active3 Rugged Screen
Tablets are so great. Whether you want to play games, read, do homework, or entertain your kids in the back of the car, they have…
Laptop Review ThinkPad X1 Titanium full view
Laptops are so awesome. They're perfect for doing serious work or play while on the go. But choosing the best one is hard. That's why…

Touch Screen Laptops: Best of 2023

Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1 (Gen 8) The Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1 (Gen 8) stands out

Martin Guay Martin Guay 7 Min Read

The Best Technology Updates That Will Enhance Your Business

Running a business today means taking advantage of the latest technologies. From chatbots that handle common customer questions

Martin Guay Martin Guay 6 Min Read


Monoprice Fall Sale: Ridiculously Low Prices on Top Electronics

This is the sale you've been waiting for! Monoprice just launched its biggest discounts of the year during their Fall Blowout Sale event. For a limited time, you can save big on Monoprice's bestselling cables, adapters, audio equipment, gaming accessories, home theater products, and more. This sale takes already affordable

Martin Guay Martin Guay Sales 2 Min Read

Step Aside from Old WiFi, eero Max 7 is Here!

Amazon's Fastest, Most Powerful Mesh System Ever!

Get Your Share of the $245 Million Fortnite Settlement

Millions of players may be eligible for a payout from Epic Games

Martin Guay Martin Guay Gaming 3 Min Read

Score Big Savings During Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days

Ready to save big? Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days on October 10-11 has exclusive deals just for Prime members.

Martin Guay Martin Guay Sales 6 Min Read

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