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How-to get a deleted file back EaseUS style!

EaseUS Data Recovery Free android news all bytes Martin Ottawa

11 SharesShareTweetSharePinDeleted an important document? An image? Can’t find it? Why not give EaseUS Free a try? This little gem is your perfect companion when the Windows recycle bin says it’s empty. From time to time you may try to clean up files, folders or pictures on your computer and you may delete files you didn’t intend to. Typically you’d …

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Movavi VIDEO to MP4: Conversion Made Easy!

Movavi Video Converter Android News Martin Ottawa Canada MP4

14 SharesShareTweetSharePinAre you looking to convert your videos to mp4 so that you can play them across all devices? Well, you aren’t alone. Most web users have tried up to five different converter before finding a reliable mp4 converter, but the results have often been far from satisfactory, especially if you are looking for quality HD video conversion. I’ve already …

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How-to DISABLE Google’s Feed content in the Google app


10 SharesShareTweetSharePinI’ve noticed that the Feed content in the Google App likes to refresh often here’s a how-to DISABLE Google’s Feed content in the Google app. Many people make use of the Feed that is provided in the Google App, the advantages are that Google delivers content that is of interest to you. In reality, if you aren’t making use …

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Are you using some security on your smartphone? Password? Encryption?

Securing your smartphone device cryovex header

5 SharesShareTweetSharePinThe topic of smartphone security or securing one’s devices has been at the forefront of a lot of conversation both at home and at the office. It’s been in the media and anywhere else. It remains a big security threat and most people don’t even realise the impact. The impact is straightforward: You lose your unprotected device, someone finds …

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How-to get voice calls in Google’s Duo app?


0 SharesShareTweetSharePinAs much as this might be trivial to some, there are some people out there that aren’t aware on how to get to the voice calls in Google Duo’s. The Duo app doesn’t clearly indicate on how to get there. Here’s a short little video that illustrates that from the top underneath the navigation bar just swipe down to see …

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Tips & Tricks – What you might not know

Tips & Tricks - What you might not know

15 SharesShareTweetSharePinWhile many people have smartphones operating with Android, not many are aware of all the nook and crannies that it offers. Hopefully, you’ll be learning about a few points that you didn’t know existed. Have you ever made use of the Smart Lock feature? It enables you to have your phone unlocked by certain aspect. You can access Smart …

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D.I.Y Camera Flash Diffuser on the cheap for anyone!

DIY - Camera flash diffuser cryovex pic2

0 SharesShareTweetSharePinSometimes you’re in a pickle and you don’t have all the equipment you need for some of the photography you want to be doing, right? Well, there’s a few simple, inexpensive ways to achieve this on the low end of the scale and you’d be surprised at how well it works. My favourite DYI when I need a “flash diffuser” …

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