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Winner: Guy M – It’s a #giveaway of gadgets and tech! Goal of a 1000 followers has been reached!

Android news all the bytes - Giveaway 2 header feature

A little while ago I announced that if my Google+ collection or my Twitter account got 1000 followers I would be doing a #Giveaway for my #Canadian followers! As of February 12th, I have reached that goal. This giveaway will follow a simple path just like the previous one. It …

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I’d rather pay for the game VS the free-to-play with loads of in-app purchase

pay or free gaming with in-app cryovex header

Mobile devices are a premium target for companies who are looking at making money with games and the model that seems to be working for a lot is free-to-play with a boat load of in-app purchases to keep you hooked on. For myself, I rather pay upfront the cost of …

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Lenovo’s Yoga Book is an Android powerhouse for entertainment, creativity and work

Lenovo Yoga Book - Header Cryovex Android

The Lenovo Yoga Book is a powerhouse for anyone that doesn’t need to do hardcore gaming. Built on Android 6.0.1 this might just be the line for the next gen mobile on the go everyday use. Office work? No problem. On The Go? Sure and why not throw in the …

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MUJJO’s released some touch gloves that deserves attention

MUJJO double layered touch gloves by Cryovex

I’ve had my fair share of touch gloves for use outside during our cold Canadian winters and while I’m not a fan of the cold, MUJJO released this past October their own take on what premium touch gloves should be. They offer 6 different unique glove style which should work …

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