What is my IP? Most searched term on Google 2021? Crazy Interesting!

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What is my IP?

It's the highest searched term on Google, and it's interesting. An IP, or IP address, is a unique number assigned to information technology devices similar to how your house address is unique. Let me elaborate more on the subject of what is my IP.

  • What is my IP? [userip_location type='ip']

This is your public IP address, think of this as your mailing address. This information is transmitted every time you access something on the internet. Whether you are doing it from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Any device that transmits or receives internet traffic will be assigned an IP address. IP addresses are 32-bit numerical labels that are used to identify computers on a TCP/IP network. You can think of IP addresses as being similar to the mailing addresses you would use to send letters and packages to your friends and family.

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The difference between an IP address and a physical mailing address is that IP addresses are only used within the computer network, where they allow users on a network to communicate with each other using known protocols. The three most common types of internet protocol — TCP/IP — assign unique 32-bit addresses to packets of data travelling over a computer network.

In the simplest way to explain the above; A standard of communication called Internet Protocol (IP) is used for communication. As far as the average person is concerned, it is the same as the home address. You will only receive snail mail if the sending party knows your correct mailing address (IP address). In the event of inaccuracy in the mailing information, you won't receive bills, pizza coupons or tax refunds.

Here's an infographic that explains this in simpler visual details.

What is my IP? Most searched term on Google 2021?
Credit: IPv4Mall

What is my IP? What else can we see?

Your IP address can reveal a lot more than just what is assigned to you by your internet service provider. Take a look at all the information your IP address reveals about your address.

  • Country: [userip_location type='country']
  • Region: [userip_location type='region']
  • City: [userip_location type='city']
  • ISP: [userip_location type='isp']

It's important to note that what is my IP will only display the information that's being provided by your ISP. Some information can be inaccurate and may not reflect accordingly. Some internet service providers keep an accurate database of their customer's IP and information which can lead them straight to your home.

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Today in 2021, it's more than ever to consider using a VPN. A VPN allows for more privacy and heightens security. It ensures that you as a user aren't easily trackable and no ones else intercepts what you do online.

What is my IP? How to prevent this?

What is a VPN? A VPN, or a virtual private network, is an essential tool everyone should use when browsing the web. But not everyone understands what a VPN is, how a VPN works, or why a VPN is important to protect your privacy. A VPN creates a private network from a public internet connection; This means that you can use the internet freely without exposing your identity or IP address.

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VPNs mask your IP address and change your location, so even if you use the same site and browser as someone in New York City, anyone monitoring your activity will not see your exact location (or at least not know for sure). The result? It’s nearly impossible for anyone to track your browsing habits, so you can use the internet with confidence and knowing that no one can spy on you or steal your personal information.

I recommend using Surfshark VPN. I a review that outlines the service and what it offers.

Why SHOULD you use a VPN. What is my IP?

What is my IP? What about websites?

Navigating the internet is very similar in itself. Below is an explanation of how IP addresses direct data.

Your first step is to enter the URL of the website (example.com) into your browser. Despite this, your computer only understands numbers – not words. Therefore, this process finds out that IP address (example.com =, finds out where that website exists on the web, and finally loads it on your computer screen.

As with your IP address, websites also have theirs. As you can see, this allows for everything to communicate effortlessly, allowing you to enjoy accessing content on Netflix, TikTok or Snapchat.

What is my IP? Verdict?

Your IP address can provide more than just a way for you to access the internet. Consider hiding it as you do with your home address. I'm sure you don't give your address out to just anyone.


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