Is Technology Taking Your Business Around a Loop?

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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Is Technology Taking Your Business Around a Loop?

Typically in business, we assume that technological implementations will boost productivity and make way for supercharged processes that drastically expand our capabilities. The impact of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technological innovations that transform operations from the inside out is quite evident. But more often than not, technology may create more problems than it solves when done incorrectly.

Poor implementation or ill-fitted technology implementations make many inappropriate technology implementations ineffective. Innovation in automation is not bringing its promised cost savings, as breakages or difficulties usually require chasing, untangling, and redoing. These inefficiencies can increase time on any task by more than twice. The following list of tech no-nos will show you how to make sure you aren't unravelling your efficiency instead of increasing it.

Is Technology Taking Your Business Around a Loop?

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Sticking with incompatible processes

Today, businesses rely a great deal on sharing information among internal technologies, as well as among distributed employees, suppliers, and others. The combination of overly complex software integrations as well as outdated technology, too, can make this difficult, requiring either partners or distributed workforces to have access to the same software/tech to enable even simple communications.

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Updating largely inefficient older technologies such as Microsoft Excel with modern alternatives like the tickler software found here is a crucial first step. Additionally, companies consider cloud-based technologies and concentrate on seamless sharing of data across their entire organization. Thus, communication, oversight, and onboarding will all be as simple as they should have been.

These aren't the only items that be incompatible with your business. You also have to think that people can also be a detriment to the function of your operation, which leads to the next point.

Failing to train your staff

Untrained staff who are left to swim with unfamiliar technological implementations will undoubtedly drown, highlighting the need to always focus on IT-specific training alongside any new piece of technology equipment or software. Enhanced training will ensure smooth operations in-house and facilitates communication between employees and third parties as needed, thus lowering costs and improving efficiency in the organization.

It's also good to know that many businesses aren't interested in training their staff properly. Training staff costs money and often enough companies will want staff that are already trained. Wanting already trained staff also costs more money and this cycle repeats itself.

Keen or attempting to keep up with tech!

Since technology updates and capabilities are now arriving faster than a hailstorm, companies often make the mistake of seizing the chance to renovate their in-house systems every few months. The fact that each software shift causes disruptions makes this horrible news and will lead to efficiency gaps.

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Companies should consider adaptable tech that grows with change rather than requiring replacement to overcome such challenges, but also to keep on top of undeniably important emerging trends, such as AI.

In terms of software, this means working with managed services that enable professionally-led updates as and when industry trends land. For devices, etc., holding back on full investment until technologies have solidified and proven their value makes it far easier to ensure wise, relevant changes that don’t happen half as often.

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Can tech save your business? Yes, but only if you make sure that you’re avoiding these sacrifices in the first place.

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