Best 5 Tech Tips to Take More Professional Videos

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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Right now, we are all directors. We all have camera phones and Go Pros and other gadgets that we can use to film ourselves, our family and friends, and the world around us.

Whether you are taking personal videos, videos that will make up part of your life as an online influencer, or simply trying to make a DIY movie with whatever tech you have available, below you will find some top tips to help you make your videos more professional.

Light it up

If you want your shots to look more professional, you need to do what the professionals do and use good lighting to illuminate the scene and make all of the colours pop. There is a reason why so many vloggers use light rings, whether you are vlogging or shooting some action. The more light you have, natural or otherwise, the better the results will be.

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Use an external microphone

The mics built into our phones and other devices are often pretty good if you want to take a fun video of your friends, but if you intend to capture things in more detail, then having one of these action camera microphone attachments is a must. They will ensure that all of your audio is crisp and clear, no matter whether you’re filming yourself diving from a cliff or simply standing still.

Learn your phone’s camera settings

These days, we all have smartphones with pretty sophisticated camera settings included as standard. These settings can help you to capture higher-quality, more interesting shots when you are filming a video, by changing the speed of capture or the exposure, for example. That is why you should take some time to read the manual and figure out the individual settings for your phone model, so you can stop shooting in default mode and do something more exciting instead.

Pick the right video editing program

These days, if you want your videos to look professional, you need to shoot them well, and you also need to learn how to edit them. You need to choose a good video editing program like Camtasia or, which is easy to use. It will enable you to do a wide range of things, from adding video to your test to letting you add overlays, filters, and sound effects will make this a whole lot easier. You will still need to invest some time into learning the program.

Use a tripod

It’s simple, but if you use a tripod for your phone or camera, it will not result in wobbly, shaky images which make the viewer feel seasick and make you look like an amateur. The tripod is one of the best tech accessories there is.

If you are serious about taking great videos, these tips will help you, so all that remains is to get out there and take those perfect shots.

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