3 Important Data Loss Prevention Tips For Small Business Owners

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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Most entrepreneurs understand the significance of preventing data breaches and protecting sensitive information, but they might not see how it directly impacts their company. Cybercriminals are more likely to target major corporations if they are interested in a company. As a result, there is more potential for financial gain and a higher risk of information to steal. However, small businesses are more likely to be attacked since their protections are weaker against cybercrime. For this reason, it's not enough for you to know about cybersecurity; you need to take action immediately to protect your company's data. Keep reading if you want to know more.

Use On-Screen Keyboards

Learning about the techniques is critical as planning with experts to stop data loss. You can make a big difference by replacing your standard laptops with ones that offer a tablet mode or touch screen instead; This might sound strange, but it can help with your plan to keep data from getting lost. Hackers use technology that can track what keys you press. They can figure out what keys you press to enter your passwords or Internet banking login information without you knowing; This gives them access to these areas. Using a touchscreen means this is harder to do.

Regular Backups

Backups are vital when it comes to protecting your data. Your data loss prevention plan helps restore your information to another laptop if there were a fire, flood, or break-in during which your laptop was stolen or any other similar disaster. If you have a recent backup on a separate server, you can use it to implement your data loss prevention plan. You can always use Onsemi technology to improve the storage space on your server should you need it. 

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The importance of performing regular backups (at least once a week, preferably more often) cannot be overstated. Off-site backups are also vital because of this. Consider what would happen if you routinely backed up everything to a server that was stored in the same place as the laptop, and then the server and the laptop were both destroyed in a fire or flood. There's a chance you'll lose everything.

If you care about keeping your data safe from being lost, you should encrypt and password-protect your remote backups. When using cloud storage, this happens automatically, but if you're handling things on your own, you'll need to take these extra precautions.

Educate Employees

If you are knowledgeable about cybersecurity and stopping data loss, that is good for your small business. Then you know what to do to keep everything safe. But if you have employees, you need to ensure they know as much as you do about staying safe, which means putting training measures in place. 

Mistakes occur, such as email attachments, which lead to viruses in your network or giving away payment information due to clicking on what appears to be a valid link. Pass along all the information you can about this topic, or sign your team up for data loss prevention training, and your small business will be much safer.

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