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Why SHOULD you use a VPN?

Martin Guay
Protecting your privacy online is more crucial than ever. Simply just following best “practices” isn’t enough now a day. Here comes the world of VPN services. Don’t sweat it! I’ve taken the liberty of covering the basics in this infographic. The infographic touches just the...
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Year of The Privacy Leak & Data Breaches 2019

Martin Guay
2019 was one of the most significant years for privacy information leak and data breaches. We saw several big companies admitting to severe issues. A simple reality check denotes that being a large business brings forth complicated and intricate security issues. Information such as name,...
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Previously known open-source Android spyware makes its debut on Google Play

Martin Guay
ESET researchers have discovered the first known instances of spyware based on the open-source espionage tool called AhMyth. AhMyth, from which the internet radio app borrowed its malicious functionality, was made publicly available in late 2017. This particular spyware was posing as an internet radio...
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Surfshark VPN keeps you secure – Review

Martin Guay
Surfshark is just that a shark in the battle to retain customers privacy. You can’t be too careful when out and about. Using “FREE” WiFi does carry a risk. With the hustle and bustle I do, I have to ensure that my information isn’t compromised....
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Are you using some security on your smartphone? Password? Encryption?

Martin Guay
The topic of smartphone security or securing one’s devices has been at the forefront of a lot of conversation both at home and at the office. It’s been in the media and anywhere else. It remains a big security threat and most people don’t even...
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