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The Quest for the ULTIMATE Power Bank

Quest: Ultimate Portable Battery that delivers AC

The Quest for the Ultimate Portable Battery that delivers AC continues on! While I’m sure that most of you may not go to the extent that I do, I wanted something that could deliver a bit more than just powering my smartphone. I wanted something that would power the smartphone, the gadgets that I have and the laptop, that meant finding a solution that provided AC for the notebook!

Quest: Ultimate Portable Battery that delivers AC

Since the notebook that I currently use doesn’t make use of the USB-C with power delivery, it meant finding a solution that can also deliver AC. There are a few solutions on the market that do provide AC power! Let’s have a look at which one I spotted; Jackery Power Explorer 75, Mophie’s Power Station, ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet etc. I didn’t mention one of the more prominent names in the business Anker, the simple reason is their current “Power Station” that does deliver AC is quite bulky.

Before I dive deeper into the rabbit hole, it’s important to note that this will cost well over hundred dollars. In fact, the solution I want to test will leave me short of $199.99.

This solution allows me to work from any location regardless if a power outlet is available to me. Without the requirement of a power outlet for my notebook, I can go and sit in the middle of the park, watch the river, the waterfall or sit on a patio and have a beer all the while working there all day.

This will leads to my next article; The Mophie Power Station! Keep checking back with me on Android News & All the Bytes, I’ll have a review up in just over a week.


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