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Frank’s Indiegogo campaign went live today & let’s have a look

Frank Indiegogo live cryovex header

Frank created a buzz, something to be captured by, while this is true for many, they’ve also garnered some people that weren’t too crazy and in some cases outright voiceful. Now that Frank has gone live with the campaign, let’s check out what this is all about. By now, we …

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frank. is just another fucking phone? Well, at $180 better damn be good!

[UPDATE – September 5th : Indiegogo campaign launched] Full review: https://www.cryovex.com/2017/09/05/franks-indiegogo-campaign-went-live-today-lets-have-a-look/ frank. has been creating a bit of buzz in the world of Android smartphone. A few other sites have categorized this as being a knock-off from other Chinese brands base on the specs and the look and feel. However, that’s …

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A review of Sony’s XPERIA XZ Premium is coming up in just a short few weeks, but what can you expect right now?

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Canada Android Coliseum Cryovex

Sony announced on Thursday that the Xperia XZ Premium would be hitting Amazon Canada early September, which has left some people scrambling wondering if a carrier partner is available. Being that the device is $699 USD we can expect that the Canadian version of the device will be roughly in …

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Canadian review of Sony’s Xperia XA1 Ultra

Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra cryovex androidcoliseum review

This is the Canadian review of Sony’s Xperia XA1 Ultra and this smartphone is really made for everyone. Previously I had the chance to review its sibling the Xperia XA1 which was performed flawlessly for the usage I do as a power user. Surprisingly, not a flagship device, but certainly …

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Review Sony Xperia XA1: Great midrange device for the average smartphone user

Sony XPERIA XA1 cryovex header

Sony is proud to bring a budget midrange device that’s made for the average smartphone user with the Xperia XA1. With most budget smartphones, your going to have some high and low notes on the device. Sony aimed to make a well-rounded device and as much as I’d like to compare …

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