Hearthstone’s 10th Anniversary: A Decade of Epic Card-Slinging Fun!

Join the Celebration of a Legendary Card Game

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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A decade has passed, yet the tavern doors remain flung open, beckoning players to embark on countless card-based escapades. Raise your mugs, fellow inn-dwellers, and let us revel in 10 glorious years of strategizing, deck-building, and friendly rivalries! Brace yourselves, for this anniversary celebration shall shake the very foundations of Azeroth.

In dimly lit corners, tales of legendary duels spin over frothy ales. Heroes have risen, fallen, and risen anew – their names etched into Hearthstone's annals. From humble basics to meta-bending complexities, this odyssey has enraptured millions. Iconic plays and momentous comebacks echo through the taproom, forging an indelible legacy.

For ten years, we've marvelled as expansions unveiled fresh arcana, jaw-dropping manacles, and unforgettable mythologies. Each new set ushered in paradigm shifts, challenging us to adapt strategies and push deck-crafting prowess. The thrill of synergy discoveries, the rush of game-winning combos, the camaraderie of friendly skirmishes – these hallmarks cemented Hearthstone's phenomenal status.

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Image of Hearthstone card game celebrating 10 year anniversary

Claim Your Fiery Hearthsteed

From March 11 to May 14, log in to Hearthstone to claim the coveted Fiery Hearthsteed mount in World of Warcraft! This blazing steed shall have you charging across realms in style, leaving ember trails. New to the tavern? Complete the tutorial, and join seasoned card-slingers – your name etched alongside legends.

Hearthstone Tournaments in World of Warcraft

Stormwind Harbor, Durotar (outside Orgrimmar), and Valdrakken shall host roaming Hearthstone tournaments from March 11 to 18. Pull up a chair, shuffle your deck, and face off against competitors in a unique Hearthstone iteration within World of Warcraft itself! Experience live competition thrills as you outwit and outplay foes, basking in Azeroth's vibrant sights and sounds.

Hearthstone's fiery 10th anniversary mount and celebration rewards

Epic Rewards Await

Emerge victorious, and a bounty shall be yours! Claim the striking Compass Rose Mount, turning heads as you traverse realms. Add the loyal Sarge Pet to your menagerie, a faithful companion for adventures. Delight in the Hearthstone Game Table Toy – a miniature replica transporting you back to the tavern.

But wait, there's more! A Collector's Carryall 36-Slot Bag for your hard-earned spoils. Don the regal Tavern's Tabard, a symbol of card-slinging dedication. Wield Hearthstone: Stone of the Hearth, a weapon imbued with the game's essence. And the coveted Reno's Lucky Hat Transmog and Taverner's Belt, ensuring you look the part of a true champion.

Gather your cards and sharpen your wits, for the revelry awaits! Relive epic battles of yore and forge new legends in the tavern for Hearthstone's 10th Anniversary. Whether a grizzled veteran or fresh-faced recruit, the celebration beckons. Raise your mug and let the games begin! Immerse yourself in a world where strategy reigns supreme, where friendships are forged in the fires of competition, and where the next legendary play is always just a card away. The tavern doors are open, and the game is afoot – will you answer the call, and etch your name into Hearthstone's annals?

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