What we need in smartphones for 2017

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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With the way our current smartphones are, what should manufacturers be really focusing on? The hardware specification war is over. Although some might say it is still ongoing and well. What are the consumers really looking for?

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Being that I am a consumer as well as a blog writer, this is the roadmap I think manufacturers should be focusing on;

  • Improve battery capacity/technology for longer use or reduce battery consumption
  • Improve the device display to reduce battery consumption
  • Improve graphic processing
  • Improve the camera both front facing and back for DSLR quality
  • Improve and embed fingerprint sensors
  • Improve OS experience for complete fluidity

We are all aware that battery life sucks on our current generation of smartphone. There's technology out there “TODAY” that's available and can provide extended battery life by as much as 3 days or more before an actual charge. It's been in the news, the media and more. How about we start bringing this over to our smartphones?

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While this technology is available, we also should make sure that we can charge these devices just as fast as our current device can tech or make it even better. There are possibilities out there, we need to innovate.

One of the other sore points for many is how much juice the “damn” display (screen) uses when in actual use. If anything the display will use 50% overall. We've learned to live with automated brightness and often enough it's not convenient enough to get the screen adjusted for the proper light ambience we might be exposed. How bout we start to improve this dramatically and in the same instance reduce its battery drain?

We have the technology at this present time that would enable us to reduce the display's consumption by nearly 30%. Why aren't we using it? Hell, I don't know why we aren't.

The graphic processor which drives the Android experience to give you the best fluid gaming moments on your device or enables you to watch 4K content without stuttering around like a mad monkey. As we grow and evolve our application the graphic component will need to follow much faster than the processor or the memory (RAM) capacity.

This is why it's a good idea to make it better all the while keeping it's battery usage low without impeding on the performance for delivering the entertainment we need.

Let's face it, the camera on most smartphone sucks. How about we work on bringing in that DSLR quality to the smartphones of those consumers? Hell, most of the photography being done today is on a smartphone. While the technology is getting better, we aren't quite there yet. We have seen with devices like the Google Pixel, The Moto Z and the mods that this is certainly viable.

Fingerprint sensor technology is getting better and better with every iteration of devices being launch. We need a faster response, more accuracy, hell we need to find a better way to embed the sensor on devices to make it easy for people to use and no the front sensor like on Samsung devices isn't a good idea. Consumers need fast access, more function and adaptability. Let's add function to the fingerprint sensor VS just unlocking someone's device.

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The Android operating system has come a long way from its early days, while the evolution has been stunning, for the most part, we still need to innovate, make it better, faster and more fluid. Nougat 7.1.1 is starting to show where Android is going and what it can become, I'm hopeful that Google has a roadmap that will shatter the industry.

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