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Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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Creating a business that looks professional can help you in many ways. It can show your customers that you are a serious outfit that creates superior products, and it is a way of outcompeting your competitors. Your business reputation and how you appear to do business are of vital importance in this competitive world. If you have not given much thought to how you can make your business appear more professional and trustworthy, then it is about time you started. To give you a few pointers in the right direction, we have created this blog:

Your Brand

Developing a strong brand is essential for your company's identity. A brand is a logo and a colour scheme, this logo will appear on phones as an app and that means it will be seen all the time, so it needs to look the part. Your brand is also an idea; it is a philosophy with core values and a vision of the future that your customers and employees can believe in. When your customer sees your brand logo, you want to elicit in them an emotive response. If you can do this by developing a strong enough brand, you will be able to generate an almost cult following of loyal customers. 

Your Business Website

Your website is absolutely key to how your customers view your business and brand. It is most likely the first place that any customer will go, and it is a place of first impressions. So you want to showcase your business in the right light. First, think about why your customers go to your website; if the information that is required is not clearly displayed, you may already be on to a bad start. Think about how quickly the page loads. Is it less than two seconds? If not, then you are likely to receive a high bounce rate (that means people clicking off before the pages load). Is the content succinct and relevant, and is the site SEO (search engine optimization) enabled? Do you have a blog or a vlog, etc? The better your website looks, the better the impression it will give. If you have any interactive features, they all need to be working, too – especially if this includes an online shop. Your website should be treated like a shop window, and that means you want to use it to wow your customers and get them to stay.  

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Outsourcing can be used for a variety of different reasons, from mitigating risk to making your business appear more professional. If you are struggling to try to answer phones all the time while doing some difficult work, you are not going to make the right first impression. A telephone answering service is a great thing to outsource. You can also outsource more professional tasks like accounting and cloud managed services. By using a professional outfit, you will benefit from expertise and knowledge and professional tools and equipment. This will have the effect of making your business look like it has these tools in-house, and that will enhance your reputation.

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