How To Use Innovative Technological Strategies To Save Time At Work

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You are in business to do the work you have set before you. Your business was created to innovate, ideate, and bring products and services to the people. Spending time on mundane tasks is not what you had in mind, even if these tasks are integral to the internal workings of the company. Incorporate the following tips into your company for a more efficient and effective workplace today so you can scale your business for success.

Manage Contracts Efficiently

Businesses do not work in a vacuum, and yours is no different. To do the work you do, you must work with others. Your team sources, hires, collaborates and provides. Vendors, customers and clients, employees, and business partners all come into play. The days of a friendly handshake as a contract are long gone. A formal written contract is an appropriate custom now, of course. These contracts can become unwieldy and difficult to manage on your own. There are myriad nuances to contracts and numerous contracts to deal with daily.

An AI-powered contract management system can solve your problems by harnessing the innovative magic of AI. With recent and continued advancements in AI capabilities, it is more powerful than ever and will only get better with time. AI contract management systems can assist you with the many tasks required to keep your company running smoothly. Here are some of the key points in the contract management life cycle that AI can assist you in accomplishing.

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  • Prepare documents and make proposals
  • Draft agreements and negotiate the details
  • Execute the details and manage the contract
  • Make updates to or renew the contract
  • Close or end the contract agreement

While these details are imperative and integral to any partnerships you have with the people you work with, they can now be managed through AI with your team's oversight. Automating workflows via technology is one of the greatest ways to work smarter in today's world.

Make Hiring Easier

Whether your company is at its exciting origin story or you are experiencing natural attrition over time, at some point in your career you will need to hire more employees. Finding the right people who fit the company’s needs and unique culture can be a tall order. Luckily, technology comes to the rescue once again so you do not have to wade through seemingly innumerable resumes and applications to find the best candidates.

resume parsing tool is a computer program that has been specifically designed to analyze a document, in this case, a resume, to find specific keywords that you and your hiring manager have deemed essential to the role. These keywords are usually found in the job description that has been endorsed and advertised for the open position. The resume parsing technology sorts through the document to help you determine if the applicant is a match and filters out the other resumes that do not match, thus making the hiring process more streamlined.

Communicate with Consumers Effectively

If you have been online, you have probably benefited from using a chatbot. A chatbot is a specifically designed computer program that is useful in facilitating communication with your customers. When they visit your website or social media platforms, they can engage with a chatbot quickly instead of waiting in a queue for a human to respond. 

You have the option to place the bot on every page with a question of “How can I help you?” or “What are you looking for today?” A chatbot should undoubtedly exist on your FAQ and Contact Us pages to facilitate the gathering of information for your company and the visitor.

Chatbots are time-savers as they remove the busy work from your employees by answering simple questions and narrowing down what the customer actually wants or needs. If it is a basic question or two, the chatbot will handle it. Should the question become more complex, the conversation can be sent to a live agent or customer service representative to handle the issue with a more human skill set.

Watch this video for a clear explainer of how chatbots work and what they can do to help your business increase efficiency.

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By utilizing technology to save you and your team time from the extra busy work that must be done, you get to do what you do best, which is to run your company. And, one of the best advantages to saving time is that you have more time to interact face-to-face with the people who are helping you to grow your business. It is a win for everyone.

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