Ulefone Power 3 Canada – What is it? (upcoming review)

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Ulefone Power 3 Canada – What is it? you might be wondering what in the world is a Ulefone. Well ok, maybe not. This is the latest release from Ulefone and it's the Power 3. Obviously, this device isn't sold by the carriers here in Canada, but you can buy it online. As of the date of this article, the Ulephone Power 3 is in PRE-SALE and ships in about 3 weeks. Want to read more? Head down below. Ulefone Power 3 Canada.

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Ulefone Power 3

I've got this device on Pre-Order, the shipping date is in 2 weeks, so I'm expecting this in about 3 weeks if I'm to be realistic. Free shipping was provided and insurance was added as well as tracking. In the meantime here's what I know about it.

The Processor

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It runs one of the latest MediaTek P23 processor the MT6763 which offers 8-core at 2.0Ghz and sports the Mali-G71 graphics processor which has 2-cores. Most of you out there are more than likely use the Snapdragon CPU processors and the Adreno GPU's that comes with them. Here's the fun thing, over the last 5-years, MediaTek has made a name for themselves outside of Canada/USA and a big push is in the Asian market and in India.

MediakTek MT6763 P23 android canada martin cryovex ottawa processor

The Battery

Next on the list is the whopping 6080mAh battery that comes inside this little gem. I'm used to the standard 3300 or so mAh in a smartphone, but now you've upped the game by doubling it. Already MediaTek processors use less power in general over the Snapdragon breed and now you've got double the juice? What?

Fun fact, the device supports Quick Charge 5V/3A charging which means you can get crazy juiced up in a very little amount of time and be on your merry way.

The Memory & Storage

The Ulefone Power 3 offers it's users 6GB of RAM and comes with a base of 64GB of storage, but wait, that's not all! This device also comes loaded with an expandable micro SD slot that can support up to 256GB.

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The Screen

We are provided with an 18:9 ratio for the display and it comes at an FHD resolution of 2160×1080. The screen is protected by the standard Gorilla Glass 4 seen on many devices. Granted, this isn't Gorilla Glass 5, but I'm not about to complain about this, once I get the device, I'll have tempered glass added.

Ulefone Power 3 martin android news canada ottawa 2The Cameras

What I can tell you is that you have dual cameras at the front and back.  On the backend of the device a 21MP/5MP Dual Rear Cam and we have 13MP/5MP Dual Front Cam. I'm going to be interested to see how well the camera performs in various light condition, but this will have to wait until I get the device in my hands.

The Body

FHD display with an 18:9 ratio, aluminium framing for the sleek and premium look. Volume rocker and power on one side while you'll note that you have the SIM and micro SD card slot on the opposite. The USB-C jack sits at the bottom and you'll also note there's no 3.5mm jack. The fingerprint sensor is nested right below the cameras and is from what I've seen on video demonstration extremely fast.

Ulefone Power 3 martin android news canada ottawa

Other device elements not covered

I'm going to list some items I haven't covered entirely here for which some of you might appreciate. The device offers Face ID unlocking base on facial recognition, if this is similar to what's been implemented with many other smartphones, this can be bypass quite easily. I'll stick to Fingerprint and pattern on that note. Next, the lack of a 3.5mm jack will put some consumers off, however, like I talked about in another article,  Bluetooth has gotten much better and you can get some really good ones.

Operating System

The device comes with Android Nougat 7.1.1 out of the box, but an update to Android Oreo is actively being pushed out soon after and this should put it in-line at 8.1. Ulefone Power 3 Canada

Where to get it?

You can easily put your own hands on this device for $290 CAD this includes, shipping. tracking and insurance, you might see duty fees as well once it gets to Canada all from GearBest. I can't comment on that at the moment, but I'll you can see all the details in the upcoming device review that I'll  have later in January of 2018.

As always, like, share and come and comment on the various social media outlet and let me know what you think!

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