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Action Launcher improves AdaptiveZoom, more enhancements in latest update

Action Launcher improves AdaptiveZoom

Some excellent news coming from Chris Lacy in regards to Action Launcher. The latest update improves some of the major features found in Action Launcher. Action Launcher improves AdaptiveZoom in v34. AL gained AdaptiveZoom just a little while ago, ok maybe a bit longer than that, which was a very innovative icon enhancement that felt natural while making everything move …

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OnePlus cancels Oreo update on the OnePlus 5 due to mysterious bug!

OnePlus 5 OxygenOS 5.0 martin android news canada ottawa

OnePlus cancels Oreo update on the OnePlus 5 due to mysterious bug! This bug which at this time is unknown to consumers has forced OnePlus to issue a statement that the update is cancelled. OnePlus cancels Oreo update OnePlus was due to release OxygenOS 5.0 which Oreo was part of but then after the update started to rollout to a …

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Google is now providing OTA updates to Nexus users

Google Nexus OTA updates

There you have it, people. Google has officially provided Nexus users with an easy way to download the latest Google Nexus OTA updates for your device. There’s no need to wait or run the web amok in search of those precious updates. This is part of Google’s continuous effort to provide the most up to date security update to it’s …

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