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Want to find content on the site? Use the search box with live results

Android news and all the bytes search site header

0 SharesShareTweetPinShareIf you happen to be looking for content I’ve posted, you’ll have a better chance at using the search box which offers results as you type. It will greatly increase your chance of finding the exact content you’re looking for. I’ve gotten a few request via email lately about finding specific content I posted. I highly recommend using the …

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Let’s get ready for 1000 followers #GIVEAWAY !!

1000 followers giveaway cryovex header

0 SharesShareTweetPinShareWhether this is Google+, Twitter or Facebook, once one of my social networks reaches 1000 followers I’ll start rolling out the next #Giveaway for #CanadiansOnly. This is all due to cost sorry folks! I’m getting ready to launch my next #Giveaway of for all sorts of goodies! What do you think I’ll have in my next package? I have …

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Rii is at it again with the K61C mechanical gaming keyboard

Rii K61C mechanical gaming keyboard header

8 SharesShareTweetPinShareThere’s a newcomer in the field of PC keyboard with Rii mechanical gaming keyboard. Yes, I know, there’s plenty of different manufacturers out there, however, when you happen to find yourself a piece of tech that really shines through such as this one, you might want to hang on to it. While Rii is still new in the accessory …

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Martin Guay – Cryovex site logo launch

0 SharesShareTweetPinShareGood evening! Just a quick note to share with everyone the update logo design and launch here on my blog! Presenting this brand logo that I’ll be associating with everything I’m doing related to Android, tech, computer and everything else my hands will get on! This will also lead to trouble! Uhhhh oh! 0 SharesShareTweetPinShare

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Working on Updating the Post methods

Site update WordPress modules

0 SharesShareTweetPinShare  Taking the time this weekend to update the POST method that I use within WordPress to replicate post across social media. Some tools are better than others. 0 SharesShareTweetPinShare

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