3 Simple Steps to Secure your Home or Business

Martin Guay
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Protecting your Home or Business

Protecting your business assets should always be one of your main priorities, but it’s fair to say that it can be tricky to figure out where to begin. Thankfully this guide contains a variety of tips and tricks that you can make the most of to secure your place in no time, and it couldn’t be simpler to begin today! So, if you’re ready to protect everything you have worked so hard to achieve, read on to discover more.

3 Simple Steps to Secure your Home or Business
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Install CCTV (security cameras)

I would start with installing a security camera system, such as a CCTV. CCTV systems are professional security cameras that monitor your business inside and out, constantly watching, listening and recording to monitor and capture any suspicious or criminal behaviour.

CCTV systems can be expertly monitored by security guards either on-site or remotely, as this adds an extra level of safety in the sense that they can respond whenever they spot the warning signs of something like a burglary, criminal damage or even a fire. Having CCTV displayed inside and outside of your business can also act as a deterrent, which discourages criminals from choosing to target you, as the risk of being caught on camera is something that they will likely want to avoid at all costs.

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You should ensure that you can take the opportunity to source your CCTV cameras from the best security companies. You don't want cameras that don't work or security guards who are lazy when something terrible is happening to your assets. A good security camera company can also ensure that you don't have dangerous blind spots.

Use A Keycard Door System (fob, keycard, access token)

Any random person can easily gain access to your business when you are open for business, leaving your assets vulnerable. The best way to protect against this hazard is to put in place a keyed door lock system where people should not be going. I understand that you may want people to be able to walk in and greet them, but you also have to be conscious of the risk.

Failing to implement extra security that can stop non-staff from entering your business premises will no doubt have serious consequences sooner rather than later. Implement something such as a keycard door system that can prevent those who are not members of your team from getting inside.

Providing your team with individual keycards that unlock both external and internal doors can be of real benefit when it comes to protecting your assets. This way, you can rest assured knowing it would be difficult for a non-employee to gain access to your secure premise.

Securing Electronic devices (computer, laptop, tablet, point of sale)

The cyber world has seen an increase in malicious attacks. You can have malicious actors wanting a piece of your business or holding you for ransom. Make sure that you take every appropriate action to secure your electronic devices such as computers, external hard drives and a wholesaler USB. It is easy to replace a pin pad for making purchases with a fake one. Connection to an infected USB stick or other devices can have dire consequences.

Don't leave electronic devices unattended or accessible without a password!

Learning how to protect your business assets has never been such a simple task when you can take the opportunity to utilize some of the brilliant tips and ideas that have been carefully described above!

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