Rii is at it again with the K61C mechanical gaming keyboard

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There's a newcomer in the field of PC keyboard with Rii mechanical gaming keyboard. Yes, I know, there's plenty of different manufacturers out there, however, when you happen to find yourself a piece of tech that really shines through such as this one, you might want to hang on to it. While Rii is still new in the accessory and peripheral field, I'm sure there's more to come out of them.

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The K61C mechanical gaming keyboard easily holds its ground against the top competition in its class for the experience, the gaming ability, durability. In comparison to some of the other mechanical gaming keyboard that is available from Razer, Corsair or Logitech this can easily hold its ground. Coming at about 3lb of weight it's not about to fall apart anytime soon.

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Now that you've gotten a taste of what Rii is working on, let's move on to the technical specifications that gamers are going to want to know about it. The switch type is base on Blue and offers a switch travel ability of 4.0±0.2mm and the force needed 60±15g. The keyboard offers a full 104 keys with multi-function toggles using the FN key. The cable is braided to make it long lasting and durable while the keyboard itself is made of aircraft grade aluminium. Using this keyboard also offers anti-ghosting keys, which comes in quite handy. The keys are made out of plastic and are etched with a laser and provide long lasting durability. The key cap puller will make it easy for anyone to clean the keyboard and or replace all the keys.

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Tactile feedback from a such is very important and you can definitely feel the springs back up almost before you're done. The keypress is being registered really fast and is a joy to be working with. Your fingers glide across with ease and you can definitely hear the click sounds that most of us are looking for, maybe not so much for the people around us, but you know.

The comfort associated with Rii K61C is on par with the same level you'd get from a Razer or Corsair. You can easily work on it for hours on end. In this instance, I've been re-playing the mass effect series and grinding myself in Watch Dog 2.

This mechanical gaming keyboard from Rii offers 4 distinct patterns that you can cycle through using the FN key and the Scroll lock. You do have the option to record 3 macro combinations using the FN key and the Pause key, but I won't go too much into details about this one as I'm not into a habit of doing so.

How to set the macro keys
1.Press FN+Scrlk into Macro mode
2.Press FN+Pause, when the LED on and into recording status
3.Press any key you want to light up
4.Press FN+Pause to save

For everyone's convenience, I've included the key combination if you did want to run into recording a macro for yourself.

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Out of pocket, this is a $99.99 CAD purchase from Amazon Canada. Sure it looks expensive, but gamers won't flinch much since most of these keyboards can go for even more. I think at this point this is an excellent detailed aspect of my experience while playing around with Rii K61C latest and greatest and I'd give it a solid 5 stars. If you've liked the review don't forget to comment, ask a question, give it a thumbs up and share!

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