PlayStation 5 Owners Score a Free Game – But There’s a Catch

Sony's hot new console comes with a tasty treat - if you're one of the lucky few

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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The shiny PlayStation 5 is flying off shelves faster than Sony can stock them. But amidst the chaos, they've cooked up a tantalizing offer for new PS5 owners.

Here's the scoop: Sony is letting some PS5 buyers redeem a free game of their choice. And we're not talking cheap indie titles here – you can score blockbuster hits like God of War RagnarökHorizon Forbidden West, and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

A Gift For the Gamer Gods

This giveaway includes 12 of the PS5's biggest showstoppers. We're talking giant, open-world epics that show off the console's lightning-fast loading and jaw-dropping graphics. Sony is letting players grab one of these beauties for zero dollars and zero cents:

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  • Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  • The Last of Us Part I
  • Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut video game cover

You could be web-slinging through Manhattan or slaying gods in the Nine Realms before dinner! But before you get too excited…

Read the Fine Print

Here's the catch: You have to be invited to redeem this offer. Sony just updated the terms to say it's “by invitation only.”

So even if you buy a shiny new PS5, you might not get an email with the promo code. It seems to only be targeting certain PSN users in the US for now.

You also have until October 20th to snap up the freebie. After that, the offer gets sucked into a vortex along with your dreams of playing Horizon Forbidden West for free.

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So check your inbox if you're a new PS5 owner! You may have a golden ticket awaiting you. And enjoy living out your superhero fantasies, Viking adventures, or post-apocalyptic quests for zero dollars. Just don't miss the deadline!

A Library of PS5 Greats

Let's dive deeper into the 12 free games up for grabs. Each one shows off why the PlayStation 5 is the new gold standard for immersive, cinematic gaming:

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Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Experience the rise of Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man in the latest adventure from Insomniac Games. Tingle with his bio-electric venom attacks and soar across Marvel's New York in 4K 60 FPS glory.

Demon's Souls

The remake of the cult classic that spawned the “Souls-like” genre. This version's stunning visual overhaul makes its nightmarish bosses more terrifying than ever. Are you ready to perish over and over in the foggy land of Boletaria?


Blast hostile aliens and unravel the mysteries of a shape-shifting planet in this addictively intense roguelike shooter. The PS5's 3D audio and DualSense controller make it scarily immersive.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Jump and run through a whimsical arts and crafts world with up to 3 friends in this delightfully chill platformer. It's a perfect palate cleanser between bigger, bombastic epics.

God of War Ragnarök

Kratos and Atreus' latest journey through the realms of Norse myth reaches new levels of scale and spectacle. The PS5 hardware lets you feel every axe swing and dragon's roar.

God of War Ragnarök video game cover art

Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy rides again in this massive open world filled with cybernetic creatures and ancient secrets. Guerrilla Games' masterpiece offers 80+ hours of post-apocalyptic splendour.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

Nathan Drake's final treasure-hunting escapades get even more cinematic with enhanced PS5 visuals and DualSense features. Experience both swashbuckling adventures in one unbeatable bundle.

And 5 more iconic PlayStation titles round out the giveaway choices. Each one is a technical marvel tailored to showcase the PS5's capabilities.

Will You Answer the Call?

The PS5 is only getting hotter as Sony gears up for an epic 2023. Will you take the plunge? And if you get your hands on a console, keep an eagle eye out for this free game offer. It could be the perfect way to kick-start your new-gen journey!

Here's a taste of the adventures that could be yours for $0.00:

The sun pierces through the foggy peaks of Midgard. Kratos stands atop the Realm Travel Room, axe in hand, surveying the lands below. His son Atreus readies his bow. Trolls lumber in the distance. Together, they leap into the unknown – ready to face gods and monsters to uncover their destiny.

Claim your FREE PS5 game today! But act fast, as this legendary offer ends on October 20th.

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