Outlier Air V3 earbuds by Creative: Review – Improved Budget Earbuds! #GIVEAWAY

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at the bottom of the review! You have a chance of getting your OWN pair of Outlier Air V3!

Outlier Air V3 - Giveaway Poster - Android News & All the BytesCreative released the latest iteration of its all-purpose true wireless earbuds, and it's packed with new features. Creative has improved upon previous models by adding must-have features such as Super X-Fi technology and audio upgrades in each of its new generations. The new Outlier Air V3 goes beyond these simple improvements by addressing sound quality, noise cancellation, and call quality. In my review of the Creative Outlier Air V3, I touch on several aspects of the product.

The following review will dive into all the new things the Outlier Air V3 brings to the game; Sound quality and call quality. I did not review the Outlier Air V2, but I did test them briefly; I can tell you how the V3 is in comparison.

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Outlier Air V3 Earbuds review - Showcase 2


Creative Outlier Air V3 Review - Features[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=485WCpxVNiI[/embedyt]

How Much & Where?

When looking at the Creative website, the various website, and shops where you can buy the Outlier Air V3, I noticed prices as low as US$54.99 or CAD$79.99. A good ballpark for pricing is between $55 to $90. I'll include links to Amazon, Best Buy, Staples etc.

What I liked

The Outlier Air V3 is similar to the previous generation. There are some differences in the colour schemes. Furthermore, the latest earbuds have also slimmed down a bit and are now more comfortable than ever to wear. Some things have certainly changed for the better.

Creative decided to switch to bio-cellulose drivers, an organic compound that is a lot like paper; This allowed the earbuds size reduction, and the result is better sound. According to Creative, this provides a wider frequency range.

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The new multi-band EQ offers multi-band fluidity to tailor the sound to the user's liking. Many presets are also available for popular video games. I find the best preset is the one you set yourself.

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Creative APP - SettingsCreative APP - EQ

The Outlier Air V3 does not give you active noise cancellation. You'll get active noise reduction due in part to the series of microphones. Now, this doesn't mean that it won't give you the total immersive experience; It just means more prominent noises will still come through. Take into consideration that this may vary from person to person and their own experiences.

The ambient sound of the Outlier Air V3 works on par with noise reduction, and using the onboard controls makes for a more responsive and consistent listening experience. The call quality of the V3 improves on its predecessor with clearer audio. The earbuds can also operate independently in mono mode.

When listening without Ambient Sound or Noise Reduction, the earbuds can last a max of 10 hours per charge. If Ambient Sound or Noise Reduction is enabled, the earbuds will generally provide eight hours before needing some juice. With the case, you can charge the earbuds an additional three times. It should be more than enough for a majority of people.

The case supports wireless charging, but I would have liked to see Creative make it smaller.

Outlier Air V3 Earbuds review - Showcase 1

What I didn't like

Super X-Fi 360-degree audio technology is only available to content you have saved to your phone. Streaming content cannot take advantage of this superb technology that enhances your listening experience.

With that said, to me, the earbuds sound feels off. I feel like the sound bounces off, much like it would echo when you're in an empty house. The majority of songs felt flat. Voices felt distant, bass felt tame, and the highs were underpowered. It's a good thing that Creative offers an app that allows the adjustment of the equalizer to recover much of the missing sound.

Interestingly enough, the Outlier Air V3 is only IPX5 which is sweat resistant. I would have much preferred to see waterproof. Bad idea to you them outside in the rain IMO, but they'll get you through your daily workout.

Outlier Air V3 Earbuds review - Showcase 4

Should you buy it?

Time and again, we have seen cheaper alternatives to a good pair of wireless earbuds. Many clones are on the market today, but it is always good when a brand brings something new to the table.

Creative did deliver a good pair of earbuds; The technology and options are there. I highly suggest that you take the time to adjust the EQ; This will allow you to get a better feel for the music you enjoy.

If price is your main concern, you might want to take a closer look at the Outlier Air V3. It offers good sound, clarity for calls, longer battery life, and you want something that fits and feels good. You can find them for as low as US$54.99 or CAD$79.99.

Who wants to WIN a pair of Outlier Air V3 by Creative? Follow the instructions below! (Open to Canadian residents only, Quebec included.) The giveaway is open from February 21st at 11:30 pm to March 20th at 11h30 pm 2022.

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