Nomad’s NEW Base One MagSafe Wireless Charger is BOMB! [Review]

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If you're new to the site, welcome, but if you've been with me for a HOT minute, you know that Nomad is genuinely in the habit of dishing out some dope, stylish and elegant piece of tech. Base One is no joke!

Bringing something new, stylish that's been missing in the tech scene, for which I'm not sure why Apple didn't make one, is the Base One MagSafe wireless charger. You'd think that Apple would have done something.

The Base One does not come with a wall plug; If you plan to take full advantage of the wireless charger with your iPhone or Android device, I highly recommend getting the Nomad 30W adapter. If you're so intrigued, continue to see what my review touches on.

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Nomad's NEW Base One MagSafe Wireless Charger is BOMB Review charging pad


Price & Availability

The NOMAD Base One MagSafe Charger is available from NOMAD's website only. It's available in Carbide and Silver colours and costs $129.95. NOMAD's USB-C wall charger (on sale for $14.95) does not come with the Base One purchase.

I think this is a faux pas on Nomad's part. If I'm going to spend $129.95 for a wireless charger, I highly expect it to come with the appropriate wall plug. Nomad, do better!

URL: NOMAD Base One MagSafe Wireless Charger


The carbide look is gorgeous with this white puck as a contrast—not because other phone chargers are ugly, but because the bar for great-looking charging devices is pretty low. The silver Base One is more in tune with how an Apple device would look, but carbide is where it's at, even though it will show the slightest amount of dust because of glossy black finishes. Fight me on it!

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The charger has rounded corners and a groove between the top face and the sides. The Base One is not compact, but it is crafted to make a statement and be seen anywhere. The Base One is a hefty beast. That's why it weighs 1 pound (509 grams).

What's in the box?

1x Base One MagSafe Wireless Charger
1x Nomad 2-metres Braided Cable

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It does come with a 2-meter braided USB-C cable, too. And that cable isn't just some cheap USB-C cable—it's one of Nomad's own excellent braided cables.

Okay, you don't get a power adapter in the box. You need to buy one separately, which Nomad is happy to sell you for $15. I bought a few over the years, and they make great little chargers, but yet another expense, so factor that into the cost of this whole project.

Nomad's NEW Base One MagSafe Wireless Charger is BOMB Review - Charging phone

Final notes on the Base One

Although portrayed as a MagSafe wireless charger for Apple devices, it is Qi-compatible and will gladly charge smartphones from Pixels to Huawei to your earbuds.

I'm quite aware of the alternatives out there, and should you find the cost to be on the more expansive of the scale, you may want to check past reviews on the subject where I showcase some of my greatest finds for less than $30.

This luxury charging device will have a nice place in anyone's home, provided you can fork up the cost. It will be a sight and will glamour your desk.

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