Light up Your Pride with Nanoleaf: Celebrate with Creativity and Expression

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Introduction: Nanoleaf and Pride

Are you ready to shine with pride? Nanoleaf brings you the perfect way to celebrate and express your true colours, not just during Pride month but all year long. With their innovative lighting solutions and creative scenes, Nanoleaf empowers you to illuminate your space with inclusivity and joy.

Nanoleaf's colour customizable design options make it ideal for Pride celebrations and showing off your Pride flags. Choose from over 16M vibrant colours or use fun preset lighting Scenes like ‘Pride Rainbow' to easily set the right party mood! –Gimmy Chu, Co-founder and CEO

General Pride Scenes

Nanoleaf offers a range of captivating general pride scenes that have become crowd favourites. These scenes are designed to immerse you in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and make your heart soar with pride. Check out the following popular options:

Pride Rainbow – 221k downloads

Embrace the classic symbol of LGBTQ+ pride with the iconic rainbow scene. Let the vibrant hues envelop your space, creating an atmosphere of unity and celebration.Nanoleaf Lines WiFi Smart RGBW 16M+ Color LED Dimmable Gaming and Home Decor Wall Lights Starter Kit (9 LED Light Lines)

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Pride Pastels – 76k downloads

For those who prefer a softer expression of pride, the Pride Pastels scene is a perfect choice. The gentle, pastel colours will fill your room with a sense of serenity and inclusivity.

Dancing with Pride – 36k downloads

Get ready to groove and let your spirit dance with the Dancing with Pride scene. Sync your Nanoleaf lights to your favourite pride anthem and watch as the pulsating lights bring the party to life.

Specific Pride Flag Scenes

Nanoleaf understands that individual identities and communities within the LGBTQ+ spectrum deserve unique recognition. That's why they offer specific pride flag scenes, allowing you to showcase your identity with pride. Here are some popular choices:

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Trans Pride – 3k downloads

Illuminate your space with the vibrant colours of the Trans Pride flag. This scene is a beautiful representation of inclusivity and support for the transgender community.

Bisexual Pride – 4k downloads

Celebrate the beauty of bisexuality with the Bisexual Pride scene. The stunning combination of pink, purple, and blue will fill your room with the spirit of acceptance and visibility.

Lesbian Pride – 1.6k downloads

The Lesbian Pride scene radiates strength and empowerment with its iconic shades of orange and pink. Let your Nanoleaf lights be a beacon of celebration for the lesbian community.

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Transgender Party – 1.5k downloads

Party in style with the Transgender Party scene, specially designed to honour and uplift transgender individuals. The vibrant colours will make your space come alive with energy and enthusiasm.

Pride Gender Nonbinary – 1k downloads

Embrace the nonbinary identity with the Pride Gender Nonbinary scene. The unique blend of colours represents the diversity and fluidity of gender, making a bold statement in your home.

Sync with Music and Create Your Own Expression

Nanoleaf takes your pride celebration to the next level by allowing you to synchronize your lights with music. Imagine the mesmerizing display of lights dancing in harmony with your favourite pride-themed songs. Let the music move you, and let your Nanoleaf lights amplify the joy of the moment.


If you crave even more creative expression, Nanoleaf's app enables you to design your own personalized scenes. Unleash your imagination and bring your unique pride vision to life. Create a visual symphony that resonates with your authentic self and captivates everyone around you.

Nanoleaf's Spectacular Pride Activation in Toronto

Last year, Nanoleaf wowed the world with a spectacular Pride activation in Toronto. The event showcased awe-inspiring scenes that allowed users to express their pride in extraordinary ways. From immersive light displays to community-driven experiences, Nanoleaf brought people together and sparked a sense of belonging like never before. Stay tuned for future Pride activations that promise to inspire and ignite your pride-filled spirit.

Customizing Shapes for Pride

Beyond scenes, Nanoleaf's Shapes offer endless possibilities for customization. You can unleash your creativity and craft unique shapes that represent your pride and identity. Whether you prefer subtle nods or bold statements, Nanoleaf empowers you to express yourself authentically and celebrate the beauty of diversity.

Final Thoughts: Embrace Your True Colors

Join the Nanoleaf revolution and illuminate your pride all year long. Let your space become a canvas of inclusivity, acceptance, and celebration. Whether you choose the classic Pride Rainbow scene, honour specific identities with pride flag scenes, or create your own masterpiece, Nanoleaf is here to help you embrace your true colours. Light up your pride and let your authentic self shine bright!

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