Kensington’s Award-Winning Products: Design, Innovation, and Functionality

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Kensington, the renowned leader in desktop computing and mobility solutions, has recently been awarded three prestigious Red Dot Design Awards for its outstanding product design. With a focus on aesthetic appeal, function, and innovation, Kensington's latest offerings have captured the attention of professionals worldwide. Let's dive into the details and discover what makes these award-winning products so remarkable.

TB450 and TB550 Pro Fit Ergo Trackballs – Ergonomic Design for Natural Comfort:

Say goodbye to the discomfort of traditional computer mice and embrace the affordable and ergonomic TB450 and TB550 Pro Fit Ergo Trackballs. These unique trackballs were meticulously shaped to conform to the natural curvature of your hand, offering a more comfortable alternative. With a familiar button layout and a 4D scroll wheel (TB550) allowing intuitive scrolling in all directions, productivity is enhanced, and the user experience is taken to new heights. The versatility of these trackballs shines through as they can seamlessly connect to up to three devices via 2.4GHz or Bluetooth. Moreover, their eco-conscious design incorporates a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled content, reducing plastic waste.

TB450 and TB550 Pro Fit Ergo Trackballs 2of2 TB450 and TB550 Pro Fit Ergo Trackballs 1of2

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H3000 Professional Bluetooth Headset – Premium Audio Experience with AI and Noise Cancellation:

Immerse yourself in the ultimate audio experience with the H3000 Professional Bluetooth® Headset, specially engineered for Intel Evo Laptops. This premium over-ear headset combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence and passive noise-cancellation technologies, delivering exceptional sound quality. Kensington's INTERSECT design strategy ensures a sleek and minimalistic look, while the flexible boom microphone, cooling gel-infused memory foam earpads, and breathable fabric guarantee all-day comfort.

MK7500F QuietType Pro Silent Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – Distraction-Free Typing with QuietType Keys:

Experience distraction-free typing like never before with the MK7500F QuietType Pro Silent Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. These innovative keys produce sound levels 15db quieter than traditional keyboards, minimizing disruptions during online meetings and in your workspace. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable typing experience for prolonged use, while integrated meeting control keys simplify and optimize virtual meetings. Crafted with durability in mind, the MK7500F features an extruded aluminum frame, diamond edge bezel, spill-proof construction, and an adjustable white backlight for added convenience.

MK7500F QuietType Pro Silent Wireless Mechanical Keyboard 2023Innovation for the Modern Workplace – Addressing Hybrid and Work-From-Home Challenges:

The ever-evolving workplace demands innovative solutions, and Kensington has risen to the occasion. As hybrid and work-from-home environments become the norm, Kensington's award-winning products are designed to meet these challenges head-on. With limited desktop space and potential distractions during virtual meetings, the TB450 and TB550 Pro Fit Ergo Trackballs, H3000 Professional Bluetooth Headset, and MK7500F QuietType Pro Silent Wireless Mechanical Keyboard provide professionals with the tools they need to maximize productivity and comfort.

Availability and Further Information – How to Purchase and Connect with Kensington:

The H3000 Professional Bluetooth Headset and MK7500F QuietType Pro Silent Wireless Mechanical Keyboard are available now, ensuring you can elevate your work environment immediately. The TB550 Pro Fit Ergo Trackball will be available in mid-July in North America, and the TB450 Pro Fit Ergo Trackball will follow shortly after in EMEA and other regions. To explore Kensington's comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions and make a purchase, visit

Final thoughts…

Kensington's recent accolades at the 2023 Red Dot Design Awards speak volumes about their commitment to crafting innovative, functional, and visually appealing products. By prioritizing design, quality, and support, Kensington has established itself as the go-to choice for IT professionals, educators, businesses, and home office enthusiasts worldwide. Upgrade your work experience today with Kensington's award-winning products that combine design excellence, innovation, and unrivalled functionality.

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