How to Make Money From Your Love of Technology

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Technology is everywhere, and with the continued development and growth of the internet of things and AI and VR, it is set to become an even more significant part of daily life. Technology is inescapable in modern life, which is good news if you are someone that loves nothing better than trying out the latest tech and can’t get enough of everything and anything tech-related.

When technology and everything that goes with it is your main interest, any opportunity that enables you to bring more of it into your life is a good thing. So, taking your passion for tech to the next level and using it to make yourself some money is a win-win situation. As technology features so heavily in daily life, there is a strong need for a range of services related to technology, which presents you with an exciting opportunity to put your knowledge and skills to good use.

Whether you are hoping to launch a new business venture, are planning a career change, or simply want a side hustle to help you earn a little more cash, all of these are possible. Here are some ways you can dedicate more of your time to your passion and make money from your love of technology:

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Start a Gadget Repair Business

If you know how different gadgets work and understand how to repair them, starting a gadget repair business could be a great way to start making some money. As everyone is so reliant on their digital devices, offering a service to repair them and keep them working at their best is a great way to earn money and make the most of this opportunity. You could start by offering a basic service such as repairing cracked screens.

As your expertise grows, you may be able to extend your range of services further and increase your opportunities to make money from gadget repairs. Once word spreads around about the reliable and fast service you offer, you will soon be attracting many new customers to your business and enjoying a strong reputation. Before you get started, don’t forget to research competing gadget repair businesses in your area to ensure your services compare favourably.

Sell Tech

One of the simplest ways to make money from technology is to Sell your broken phone. Selling old devices that are just taking up space in your home without any purpose will enable you to earn cash easily without any hassle.

If you have the skills, you could make money from selling technology products. Selling items such as phone cases, flash drives, and screen protectors could be a lucrative way to make some money. Launching either a website or selling the products through an existing eCommerce website could help you start making money quickly. But, before you begin to order your products, it is wise to be wary of ordering too many wholesale products at once. It is better to take a more cautious approach for your first order.

So, starting with a small range of products and testing their quality before you commit to ordering more is a wise idea. You don’t want to waste your money on the sub-standard stock, which is why starting small is a great idea.

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If selling accessories is not for you, you could consider selling specialist tech equipment such as gaming PCs built to exacting specifications. Gaming is big business, so taking advantage of this opportunity by creating specialist products could be lucrative. Designing and building gaming PCs will enable you to make money without needing to store lots of inventory and offer a potentially higher markup; This could be better for your profit margins.

Create Digital Images
Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash

Create Digital Images

If you love art and design and have experience in using digital art software, why not transform your hobby into an income stream? There are many ways to put your digital art skills to good use. Creating digital artwork to be printed onto items such as notebooks, t-shirts, and phone cases is one option. There are several companies offering print-on-demand services nowadays and seek artists to create designs that are then used on the products. As the artist, you will receive a percentage of every item sold that features your design.

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Alternatively, you may choose to create original artwork to sell online as prints. Selling your artwork in a range of sizes and adding the option of it coming already framed is an excellent way to increase your sales and make extra money. The great thing about selling prints of your work is you can create as many as you want, so your most popular designs can be reproduced again and again.

Make YouTube and TikTok Content

Do you have a favourite YouTuber you love to watch each time they drop some new content? If so, you will know that there is plenty of potentials to attract a considerable following and enjoy the benefits of millions of views. Watching your favourite YouTube stars and figuring out what makes them so successful and appealing to their followers is a great place to start. Thinking about the type of content you will create is essential. If your videos do not have a particular theme, it may be hard to build your audience.

How-to videos can work well on YouTube and provide content that remains evergreen and is likely to attract a lot of views. Alternatively, you could choose to follow in the footsteps of many of the biggest YouTube stars and share gaming content. Gaming videos tend to do well, so taking some inspiration from the most successful ones and putting your unique spin on them should ensure that your content stands out from the crowd. 

Everyone has heard stories of people making big money on YouTube and TikTok. But before you can start monetizing content on YouTube and TikTok, you will need to meet certain requirements, such as a specific number of followers. But, if you manage this successfully, you could potentially make a lot of money.

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