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Best $25 Tech You NEED in 2022

Best $25 Tech You NEED in 2022

Finding the Best $25 tech to keep things on a budget can be a challenge for many. I’m always scared to miss out on great tech deals, and this gets more true because all the new stuff is coming out, the older tech gets discounted, and you end up with some serious, rough gems. There’s never a perfect time to start updating the tech I use in my daily tech bag; This offers me the opportunity to update a few things.

Although some of the techs in this post might go a little over $25, I’m still including it as it belongs in my goody bag. Let me take you on my ride to the Best $25 tech you NEED in 2022.

Nomad 30W Gan Power Adapter

Nomad 30W Power Adapter ($29.99)

In case you missed it, I’ve recently reviewed this gem. I was impressed to see the 30W power adapter charge the Oppo Find X3 Pro 5G from 15% to 95% in an hour and fifteen minutes (battery capacity is 4500mah), delivering the fast charge that is much needed. // Best $25 Tech You NEED in 2022

Best $25 Tech You Need In 2022 5

USB-A Spigen DuraSync 3 in 1 Universal Charger Cable ($23.99)

The universal charging and sync cable can handle all lightning, USB-C, and micro USB output devices. It offers the ability to charge devices using the Quick Charge 3.0 standard with compatible devices. Remember that a QC 3.0 charger is required to take as much benefit from this cable. // Best $25 Tech You NEED in 2022

Best $25 Tech You Need In 2022 6

UGREEN USB C to USB C Cable 2Pack, 100W Fast Charging ($18.99)

This USB-C cable handles up to 100W, so it can power a laptop, smartphone, or any other gadget with a USB-C port. This USB-C cable is great for fast charging and offers a max of 20V 5A current, and will complete power delivery to devices that may require anything in between up to 100W. // Best $25 Tech You NEED in 2022

Best $25 Tech You Need In 2022 2

INIU Wireless Charger, 15W Qi-Certified Fast Wireless Charging Stand ($23.98)

You need a device that is Qi-certified, but most smartphones do support QI. If your smartphone supports fast wireless charging, you’ll benefit from it. Even if you have standard charging, you’ll also benefit from it. // Best $25 Tech You NEED in 2022

Best $25 Tech You Need In 2022 3

Govee Smart Light Bulbs RGB, WiFi, Bluetooth ($19.99)

Want to get into the smart-home market? RGB Govee Smart light bulbs are a perfect fit. You can set the colour you want, multiple dynamic scenes, get them going to the music of your choice and liven up your place. Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are supported! These light bulbs do not require you to have a hub; you screw them in, use the app, connect to WiFi, voilà! // Best $25 Tech You NEED in 2022

Best $25 Tech You Need In 2022 4

Kasa Smart Plug by TP-Link ($19.99)

Kasa smart plug from TP-Link is also a perfect fit if you want to get your gadgets around the house to behave like they are from the future! The smart home WiFi outlet works with Alexa and Google Home. Most of these outlets support up to 15W. // Best $25 Tech You NEED in 2022

Best $25 Tech You Need In 2022 7

Sony MDRZX110 Over-Ear Headphones ($24.99)

For the price, you get a lot of bang for your buck in the Sony MDR series. If you need a corded pair and you truly enjoy analog music over Bluetooth, then these are the ones to get. This lightweight design, over the ear, is comfortable. // Best $25 Tech You NEED in 2022

Best $25 Tech You Need In 2022 8

Lexar 128GB Micro SD Card A2, U3, Class10, V30, High Speed ($21.24)

Expanding your device’s storage capacity is just like having more space to pack stuff in, only in digital form. It will prevent you from running out of storage space for a long time. Lexar offers a 128GB Micro SD card for about $20. Let’s jump and expand your storage capacity. Most devices are running with 128GB, and why not give it another 128GB. // Best $25 Tech You NEED in 2022

Best $25 Tech You Need In 2022 9

Stylus Pen, Active Stylus Pen ($20.15)

The stylus pen is an active stylus. With a high precision tip, rechargeable battery, its dual capability; This pen will serve any Apple or Android device to the maximum of its features. // Best $25 Tech You NEED in 2022

Best $25 Tech You Need In 2022 1

USB C Hub 5 Port with 3 USB 3.0 5Gbps + SD Micro SD Card Reader ($17.99)

The next item that I find is a must, especially with a laptop, is a USB C hub. There are many different options on the market, but these 5 Ports with 3 USB 3.0, SD reader, Micro SD card reader could be something you need. // Best $25 Tech You NEED in 2022

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