Reel in the Rarest Fish Pokémon Duo: Capturing Shiny Feebas and Evolving it into Majestic Milotic in Pokémon Go

Embark on the Quest to Catch One of the Most Elusive Pokémon and Transform it into a Serpentine Legend

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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Folks, all you intrepid Pokémon trainers and expert anglers listen up – today we're setting out on an epic quest to catch one of the rarest aquatic creatures around and transform it into a true serpentine legend through evolution. So grab your rods, your most patient dispositions, and let's get ready to reel in an elusive shiny Feebas, then put in the hard work to unlock its full potential into a mighty Milotic!

Cast Your Line During Special Events to Have a Chance at Catching the Uncommon Feebas

The first step in landing this rare Pokémon is actually encountering one out in the wild. Feebas only surface occasionally in Pokémon Go, when there are special increased spawn events and occasions.

Be on the lookout for any announcements in the game or from Niantic regarding boosted Feebas appearances. These will be your prime chances to catch the evasive fish, so make sure to head out hunting during the specified times.

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The rarity of this Pokémon means that even with increased spawns, it may take multiple tries over several events before you finally spot Feebas's telltale fins poking above the water's surface. Patience and persistence are key – keep casting those lines during every Feebas event to eventually snag your catch.

Showcasing a Feebas and Milotic pokemon.

Evolving Feebas into Milotic is a Long Process Requiring Walking and gathering Candy

You've finally landed your Feebas – but don't start your victory lap just yet! Evolving it into the serpentine, majestic Milotic is an arduous process requiring two key steps:

Stock Up on 400 Feebas Candies

This is no small task, considering the scarcity of this Pokémon. You'll need to make Feebas your constant walking companion, keeping it by your side as much as possible. This will net you Candies gradually as you walk together.

You can further expedite Candy gathering by:

  • Turning on Adventure Sync, which converts real-world movement tracked by your phone into bonus Candy
  • Using Rare Candies on Feebas when you have them to spare
  • Feeding Feebas Pinap Berries to double the Candy reward for each catch

With persistence, you'll stockpile the 400 needed.

Walk At Least 20KM with Feebas as Your Designated Buddy

In addition to the Candies, you need to walk a long distance of 20km with Feebas specifically set as your Buddy Pokémon. Make sure you have it set before you start logging those kilometres!

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And once you hit the 20km mark, don't remove Feebas as your Buddy just yet – keep it by your side even after reaching the requirement. Doing this will cut the distance needed to find Candy in half, speeding up your stockpiling.

A Shiny Feebas Can Evolve Into an Ultra Rare Shiny Milotic

If Lady Luck blesses you and you manage to reel in a shiny Feebas (which has a 1 in 500 chance of appearing), hold onto that variant tight! Evolving shiny Feebas results in an incredibly uncommon shiny Milotic.

Having this flashy rare serpentine Pokémon will be a massive point of trainer pride and a sight to behold! Any shiny hunter would love the challenge and reward of finding this blue beauty.

Catching Milotic Will Take Patience, But the Payoff is Worth It

Reeling in Pokémon Go's most elusive aquatic Pokémon duo will undoubtedly be a long and challenging undertaking. It will take persistence through Feebas spawn events, tiring kilometres of walking, and gradual resource gathering over time.

But the reward of unlocking Milotic, one of the game's rarest and most visually striking creatures, will be incredibly satisfying and well worth the effort. You'll have cemented an impressive legacy in Pokémon Go.

The hunt won't be easy, but we have faith in you, trainer! Now let's fish up that spectacular sea serpent – a whole lot of walking and Candy gathering stands between you and Pokémon master status. Onward!

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