beyerdynamic’s MMX 200 Game-Changing New Headset Revolutionizes Wireless Gaming Audio

The MMX 200 Delivers Studio-Quality Sound Without Compromise

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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Hold up, gamers. Drop your controllers and lean in, because beyerdynamic just changed the game with their new MMX 200 wireless headset. This sleek little number is making waves as the audio brand's first foray into the world of wireless gaming audio.

Unparalleled Audio Engineering Expertise

You might know beyerdynamic as the choice cans for pro gamers across the globe, with nearly a century of audio engineering expertise backing them up. They've outfitted sound studios and legendary gamers alike with their top-tier headphones and mics. Now, they're bringing that same audio advantage to the wireless realm with the MMX 200.

Beyerdynamic MMX 200 wireless gaming headphones

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Vivid, Immersive In-Game Audio

This innovative headset replicates beyerdynamic's renowned studio-quality sound with 40mm drivers that pump out powerful bass, crisp mids, and detailed highs. We're talking vivid, immersive audio that'll have you feeling like you're inside the game.

Podcast-Worthy Microphone Quality

But it gets even better. The MMX 200's got a detachable boom mic that'll make you sound like a podcasting pro, thanks to its electret condenser capsule that captures higher max SPL, wider response, and less noise. More power, less static. We love to see it.

Seamless Connectivity and Comfort

And this headset doesn't skimp on connectivity or comfort either. With Bluetooth 5.3, a low-latency adapter, and Hybrid Mode for simultaneous wired and wireless connection, this thing is always ready to game. The lightweight, padded design and plush memory foam earcups keep you comfy for marathon gaming sessions.

50+ Hours of Uninterrupted Game Time

With up to 50 hours of battery life, including idle time, you can game, chat, and jam out all day. The minimalist look leaves out all the pointless RGB lighting and other bells and whistles, keeping the focus on high-quality audio.

Perfect for Gaming and Remote Work

The MMX 200 also works great for remote work and school thanks to its dual-purpose features. The mic mute/unmute visual indicator helps you stay professional on video calls. Augmented Mode lets you switch to ambient sound when you need to chat with your co-workers or hear when the doorbell rings.

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Technical Specification

Acoustic DesignClosed
Frequency Response20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
TransmissionBluetooth® + Analog Connection, USB Audio
Bluetooth®5.3; A2DP, HFP, SBC, LC3
Analog ConnectivityYes
USB Audio ConnectionsYes
Charging During UseYes
Range66 ft.
Battery RuntimeUp to 35 Hours
Additional FunctionalityCall Handling, Microphone Mute, Volume Control, Augmented Mode
Scope of DeliveryMicrophone Pop Filter, USB Cable (2m), Wireless Dongle (USB-C), USB-A to USB-C Adapter
Weight (without cable)360 g
ColoursBlack, Grey
Recommended Retail Price$249.00

Pricing and Availability

This cutting-edge wireless gaming headset just hit the market today for $249, available in sleek black and grey colour options.

So unmute that mic and spread the word to your fellow gamers. beyerdynamic's MMX 200 is about to revolutionize wireless gaming audio!

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The Bottom Line

With the MMX 200, beyerdynamic brings its renowned audio engineering expertise into the wireless era. This feature-packed headset delivers immersive in-game sound, pro-level mic quality, seamless connectivity, and marathon-worthy comfort. For gamers seeking a high-end wireless audio upgrade, the MMX 200 is an absolute game-changer.

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