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Hands-On OPPO Find X3 Pro First Impressions: Impressive

First-time OPPO Find X3 Pro hands-on

The OPPO Find X3 Pro launched today, March 11th, 2021, and it’s the top dog from this company! I’ve only had the device in hand for 48-hours. It’s not enough time to get in-depth with something like the OPPO Find X3 Pro. I’ll relay my first impression with the device as well as a first-time OPPO consumer.

Right from the start, the box package it came in was unexpected. I should have expected as such when getting something ahead of its launch date. Opening the various boxes, I noted several cases, documentation, cable, charger, and to my surprise, a pair of headphones.

The phone itself is liquid metallic looking, with the back glass diving into the camera layout, making it seamless. The array of cameras sports a quad setup uniquely shaped.

Hands-On Oppo Find X3 Pro First Impressions

The device sports the Snapdragon 888 with the Adreno 660, and this is a 5G worldwide capable smartphone. The CRAZY charging speeds on this bad boy are off the chain! 40% battery charging capacity in like 10-minutes, VROOM VROOM! Yes, I’ve tested it!

With a bottom and front-firing speaker, we are getting some love back to the stereo joint world. Smartphones with only one speaker need to disappear.

On to the OPPO Find X3 Pro software experience, coming from a place where I have never experienced ColorOS as a flavour, this is bound to be interesting.

I enjoyed that it started in dark mode and that it had vibrant colours. My god, the all-white theme kills me. My poor eyes! Good job on that one, OPPO. ColorOS is very easy to understand and go about your business.

Tested a few games, did my daily work task, PDF signing, emails, phone calls, texting, document editing, YouTube etc. With 12GB of RAM, there’s no reason for any latency issues.

I took the camera on a trip around the city. I took all sorts of pictures with every single camera array. You will be able to see all the samples in the upcoming full review in a few weeks.

Hands-On Oppo Find X3 Pro First Impressions Camera

I had one glitch last night, where the screen blanked out and fizzed in the same way when you unplug a computer monitor while still connected to the desktop tower with all sorts of pixelation and then it disappeared. I only experienced this once.

Holding the power button and waiting for a restart seems to have resolved this blip.

Watch the OPPO Find X3 Pro launch on YouTube.

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Hands-On Oppo Find X3 Pro First Impressions: Impressive - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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