The Earfun Wave Pro Review: Unleashing Audiophile Bliss on a Budget

An Affordable Noise-Canceling Headphone Contender

Martin Guay
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A headphone review of the Wave Pro by EarFun.
4.1 An affordable headphone providing impressive sound, noise cancellation and ridiculous battery life, despite some shortcomings in soundstage and call quality.

Seek audiophile nirvana blended with frugal splendour? Behold the Earfun Wave Pro, a budget-friendly noise-cancelling headphone pledging to catapult your listening experience into uncharted realms. But does it truly resonate with its promises, or merely emit hollow refrains? Let's unravel the truth.

Earfun Wave Pro budget noise cancelling headphones

EarFun Wave Pro Active Noise Canceling Headphones, Wireless Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones, LDAC Hi-Res Sound, 5 Mics AI Clear Call, 80H Playtime, Multipoint Connection, Comfort Fit, Custom EQ via App

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Comfort and Performance: A Harmonious Duet

Upon nestling the Earfun Wave Pro over your ears, you'll succumb to its featherweight design and cloud-like caress. Eschewing bulky headsets that slowly asphyxiate your skull, these cans gently cocoon your ears, inviting hours of uninterrupted aural indulgence sans fatigue or discomfort. Tipping the scales at a mere [specify weight], the Wave Pro reigns as a lightweight champion among over-ear headphones.

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But comfort alone fails to forge greatness. The Wave Pro's sonic sorcery lies in its ability to bewitch even the most discerned audiophile. Crystalline highs soar, piercing the air with a clarity akin to the ringing of a finely tuned bell. Rich midtones resonate with warmth, enveloping your senses like a cozy embrace. And thunderous bass pulsates with depth, catalyzing heart palpitations as if a symphony of drums were beating within your chest. It mirrors a symphony orchestra serenading your eardrums, sans stuffy concert halls or exorbitant ticket prices.

Craving more? The Earfun Audio app unveils a cornucopia of customization options. From preset equalizers to fully customizable EQs, you sculpt the audio tapestry to mirror your musical tastes with surgical precision.

Soundstage and Call Quality: Minor Discordant Notes

80 hour battery life noise cancelling headphones

Alas, even the most beautifully composed melodies have their occasional sour notes, and the Earfun Wave Pro is no exception. While the overall sound quality is undeniably impressive for the price point, the soundstage leaves something to be desired. It's as if the entire musical experience is compressed into a narrower sonic canvas, robbing the performance of its full grandeur and spatial depth. This limitation might be a dealbreaker for audiophiles who crave a truly immersive and expansive sound experience, akin to being transported to the very center of the stage, surrounded by the musicians and their instruments. However, for the average consumer this will be the perfect fit for their listening experience.

Moreover, those seeking headphones that excel at hands-free calling may find themselves disappointed. The call quality of the Wave Pro can be best described as “tinny” and “choppy,” like a garbled transmission from a distant galaxy. While this may not dissuade music aficionados from their aural pursuits, it's a consideration worth noting for those who rely heavily on conference calls or virtual meetings, where clear communication is paramount. Picture yourself struggling to decipher muffled words, straining to comprehend the garbled voice on the other end, and you'll understand the frustration that may ensue.

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EarFun Wave Pro Battery Life

Fear not, for the Earfun Wave Pro regains its footing with a battery life that renders even power-hungry devices envious. With up to 80 hours of playtime sans noise cancellation (or a still-impressive 55 hours with ANC enabled), you embark on auditory odysseys that would humble Odysseus himself. Bid adieu to headphones conking out mid-symphony – the Wave Pro accompanies you for days on end.

EarFun Wave Pro ANC

And what about noise cancellation? The Wave Pro's ANC capabilities delight. While not quite scaling premium peaks, the hybrid ANC technology mutes ambient distractions, allowing you to immerse yourself in your favourite tunes sans external cacophony. Whether commuting, toiling in a bustling office, or seeking a sonic sanctuary, the Wave Pro's noise cancellation offers a welcome respite.

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Lightweight comfortable over-ear headphones with Noise Cancellation

Specifications and Pricing: The Nuts and Bolts

Before rendering our verdict, let's bask in the Earfun Wave Pro's technical prowess:

  • Driver Size: 40mm
  • Supported Codecs: LDAC, Bluetooth
  • Microphones: 5-mic array
  • Charging Type: USB-C
  • Foldable Design: Yes
  • Case Included: Yes

EarFun Wave Pro Price

And now, the moment you've awaited – the price. Brace yourself, for the Earfun Wave Pro graces your presence for a mere $80, a price point that would quicken even the most frugal audiophile's pulse. Procure these budget-friendly cans directly from the Earfun website or Amazon, whichever suits your shopping preferences. I'll make it easier for you.

The Verdict: Should You Invest in the Earfun Wave Pro?

As with any musical performance, the decision to invest in the Earfun Wave Pro hinges on personal taste and priorities. If seeking a budget-friendly option delivering an exceptional sonic experience with ample battery life and capable noise cancellation, the Wave Pro may herald the overture you've awaited.

However, if demanding a truly immersive soundstage or flawless call quality, you may need to elevate your sights (and budget) higher. But for those seeking a harmonious balance of performance, comfort, and affordability, the Earfun Wave Pro could crescendo as the missing piece in your audio setup.

Unleash the true potential of your music with the Earfun Wave Pro noise-cancelling headphones. Boasting exceptional comfort, impressive sound quality, and remarkable battery life, these budget-friendly cans offer a harmonious blend of performance and affordability for only $80. Don't let this opportunity for audiophile bliss slip away – click the link below to secure your pair today!

EarFun Wave Pro 25% Off

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A headphone review of the Wave Pro by EarFun.
An affordable headphone providing impressive sound, noise cancellation and ridiculous battery life, despite some shortcomings in soundstage and call quality. 4.1
Price and Value 5
Comfort and Fit Assess 5
Sound Quality 4
Battery Life 5
Noise Cancellation 4
Ease of Use 4
Build Quality 4
Call Quality 2
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