Getting Bored of Your Current Game? Here's what to do
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Getting Bored of Your Favourite Game? Here’s What To Do

Getting Bored of Your Favourite Game? Here’s What To Do

Every single gamer has their very own favourite game; it’s something that immediately jumps to mind when you think about what game you’d like to play above all others, and it’s one you always come back to when you need to have a reliable good time.

But sometimes, your favourite game doesn’t quite cut it. You’ve done everything in it, you’ve loaded over a thousand hours into it, and you’re just not sure if starting a new game would make you as happy as it once did. 

However, there are plenty of ways to put some new life into your favourite game, to make sure you can keep coming back and experiencing the world in new and fun ways. Let’s go through them below.

Getting Bored of Your Favourite Game? Here's what to do
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Getting Bored of Your Favourite Game? Set Some Challenges

No healing, no save-scumming, no permadeath, etc., are all common challenges people set for themselves when doing a new playthrough of an old and beloved game. However, you can also go a bit more creative and/or restrictive here too. 

Maybe you can only use one type of weapon, or no weapons at all? Maybe you have to set the language to one you can’t speak or read, and try to work out what’s going on based on your knowledge of the game? Maybe you build your character to have no skills, and you’ve still got to try and complete the game with it? 

Getting Bored of Your Favourite Game? Install Some Mods

Mods really do make the gaming world go round. If you’re familiar with Bethesda Game Studios titles, then you know just how many mods are out there to really refine the experience! If you’re not familiar, why not take a look through some of the best-rated GTA 5 mods if you’re curious about how mods can really open up a game for you? 

And installing mods doesn’t have to be hard to do either; some of the most popular games have in-engine support for modding, meaning communities, tutorials, and mod tweaking can be shared by everyone. 

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Getting Bored of Your Favourite Game? Create Some Content

If you love the game, then you know it pretty well, and when you know something well, you can create a lot of content about it. For most people, this means turning on the webcam and downloading some recording software to start a Youtube LetsPlay, or signing up to a streaming site like Twitch, but your options don’t end there. 

You can write about it, draw, paint, and animate something to do with it, or even create a community surrounding it. A Facebook gaming group could be a good thing, and opening up a discord server for fans just like you could create the new and in-depth experience you’re looking for too. Be creative, put something out there, and be proud of it!

Reigniting your love for an old favourite game can seem hard; you’ve been through it a million times. But, as we’ve proved, there are so many things you can do to create a new experience for yourself.

Getting Bored of Your Favourite Game? In the End

Making your favourite game fun is really up to you and your imagination. There’s hardly any limit as to what you do. My best advice is to incorporate streaming elements, engage with people who might watch your stream and lastly, have fun. If all else fails, try a new game!

Getting Bored Of Your Favourite Game? Look For New Ways To Beat It

When you have beaten a game, there will be ways you can beat it again. Sure, if you’re dealing with something along with a linear system, then you won’t get the same experience. There will be certain methods of doing most games again, however. Perhaps you’d like to be your previous time or you’d like to make different decisions along the way. Even with smaller games that involve the smallest tasks, there will be things to do. For instance, word games can be sped up a little with the likes of a Jumble solver – this could allow you to get things done a lot quicker and put more energy into other areas of the game next time around.

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