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Under $100 Must Have Gamer Gear
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Under $100 MUST HAVE Gamer Gear

In this next segment of gear, I’m going to be blasting the MUST HAVE UNDER $100 gamer gear that I think will benefit you both in the game and esthetically.

Under $100 Must Have Gamer Gear

I’m going to give you my take on headphones, keyboards, mouses, mousepads, fans, lights and way more! I’m going to attempt to limit myself to 5 items or less. I know it’s going to be really hard to limit the choice because there are so many options on the market when it comes to PC gaming.

Gaming gear can cost a fortune and I’m attempting to get good stuff without spending too much money. Gaming mice, gaming keyboard and the likes can be seen often well over $100. Keeping everything under $100 per gaming piece can be done!

Gaming Headphones

Hyperx Cloud Core Gaming Headset

The following headset is at the top of the budget of $100 on Amazon. These are a fantastic pair of gaming headphone they are crisp, clear and just fantastic to use over a long period of time. HyperX by Kingston is known for their excellent audio while in some serious gameplay you can’t go wrong.

[amazon box=”B0153XL4V2″]

Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard Rgb

The gaming keyboards are typically ridiculously priced. Although this is an older model the G213 won’t break the bank. Coming under $60 this will make any gaming setup much better. The G213 by Logitech offers 4x the speed of conventional keyboard for near-instant speed. With this, you get custom keys, RGB illumination and more.

[amazon box=”B01K48R5V4″]

Gaming Mouse

Viper Gaming V570 Rgb Mouse

For less than $50 this is literally one of the best gaming mice I’ve used. It’s in the same line as some of the SteelSeries or Logitech. This mouse customization is solid, the software and functions go beyond what I thought it would be. Macro profiles, DPI settings, the combination of keys, colours and the list goes on. I have a full review here.

[amazon box=”B06XJSQQQ2″]

Alright, this is for the basic gear! We’ve covered the headphones, mic, keyboard and mouse. Let’s touch on the aspect of a mousepad.

Gaming Mouse Pad

I hear some people saying it’s needed and I hear others where they claim it’s not. It’s a personal choice and my choice is to get one! The reason behind is depending on the surface you are going to game on, you may need your mouse to glide.

Luxcoms Gaming Mouse Pad Rgb

This is one of the cheapest, RGB, well made RGB mouse pad that I’ve seen. It’s large enough for a full-size keyboard and mouse. It offers a smooth surface and a rubberized bottom to ensure it won’t move. Bonus addition, it’ll compliment anyone’s setup!

[amazon box=”B07GSXJZSV”]

Gaming Computer Case

Bitfenix Black Rgb Case

The case will be getting the flair you want to bring with some RGB highlights, a clear side panel and the space needed. You can get a decent custom look for your gaming center.

[amazon box=”B074W58FF4″]

A couple more ideas from my part are to add some RGB lights to your setup or something that’s different and brings out your concept to light. You can even set up some RGB fans in your case, some RGB DIM’s etc. There’s a lot you can do.

You can check out my PC build here.

Now it’s up to you to show me your gaming setup or ideas! I’ve given you a good base to start that gaming center you always wanted. All the options above are just my personal choices, but you can definitely improve upon it. Let me know what you think via one of my social profile!


Under $100 Must Have Gamer Gear - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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