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Newdery Battery Case Pixel 4: MUST HAVE!

Newdery Battery Case – Pixel 4

The single significant must-have alternative to carrying a portable battery charger is the ability for your case to be that battery! Newdery makes a battery case for several devices on the market, including the Pixel 4.

I know so many of you like myself, who tend to be on the go all the time. Even with Covid, pandemic, restrictions, and all the fun stuff, it hasn’t stopped many from working their butts off. The issue we face often is the lack of having some substantial battery power.

Yes, I agree I could sit down for 30-minutes, an hour and charge up, but that’s not how I roll. I spend countless hours on my mobile device, much like anyone does these days, but more so because I also do work. Being tethered to a wall plug or a portable battery isn’t always convenient.


The Pixel 4 Newdery battery case offers 5000mAh of battery power. It allows me to be free of portable battery chargers, cables, wall plugs for a good 45-hours. The case offers wireless charging, fast charging and makes use of the standard of USB-C.

This makes it a must-have, daily accessory.

How much?

Both Amazon & Amazon Canada offers the Newdery battery case for the Pixel 4. Amazon has is listed at $49.99. Amazon Canada store also offers it for $63.99.

Battery Case Google Pixel 4 Newdery creative Battery Case Google Pixel 4 Newdery creative 4 Battery Case Google Pixel 4 Newdery creative 2 Battery Case Google Pixel 4 Newdery creative 1

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