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Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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Gaming Chair Replacement

My current gaming chair for my desktop PC came to a crashing end. While in-deep in Warzone on the weekend, the armrest snapped. It was a clean break. There's no way to repair it, so the obvious next step is to start the hunt for a replacement.

I started to look towards the different brands that do produce gaming chairs, and it became clear that most are $300 plus. My budget is limited to $200, and for that price, I know it's possible to hunt and find something that works very well.

I looked at local retailers, superstores and online. My choice landed on an off-brand gaming chair that doesn't get enough credit. Has anyone ever heard of a brand named HAWGUAR? I know for a fact I haven't. The only place I can find information is on Amazon. So why not give it a chance?

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Gaming Chair HAWGUAR Amazon Canada 2

Specifications & Features

Finding the right chair that will hold my weight is a MUST! This specific model can handle up to 300 lbs. I'm quite confident this will do nicely. Height adjustable seating; The tilt & lock mechanism enables the chair to be reclined from 90° to 110° by pulling a lever and locked in any position; Build-in lumbar support; 360 degrees swivel for multitasking convenience.

With the chair also identified as being ergonomically compliant, the chair is hitting all the requirements since I'll be spending good portions of my days sitting in it while this pandemic is going on.

Assembly required, which is to be expected, as it wasn't hard at all. The only thing I can see people struggling with are 2 of the wheels, which you do need to fit them with a piece that doesn't slide in, more of a CLIP-IN and lock. It's a simple matter to screw the base into the chair's seat and then set it on the spring and attaching the back to the side.

HAWGUAR Gaming Chair Amazong specification

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The framing of the chair is composed of steel, while the armrests are of hard industrial plastic. The soft PPU leather all over the chair, the memory foam, the lumbar support and the headrest is a great addition.

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This whole experience wouldn't be complete without the footrest, for which I have no use, but it's a nice feature if this is a must for you while working, gaming or even resting.

How comfortable is it?

It's subjective to each person personally preference. If we compared this to my previous one, I loved it, but I would get soar after about 2 to 3 hours. I've spent more time in my new chair in a single day to figure out how I like it.

Comfort level I'd rate this an 8 out of 10. The change I would make is superficial, but it would work better for my thighs by removing the lip on each side of the seat, or better yet, increase the room by 3-inch.

Gaming Chair HAWGUAR Amazon Canada 4

What's the Cost?

This marvellous little gaming chair is only $196.99 on Amazon Canada! My previous chair was a $100 chair that lasted me four glorious years.

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