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Can You Build A Pc Gaming Computer On A Budget? Hold My Beer!
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Can you build a Gaming Computer on a BUDGET? HOLD MY BEER!

Build a PC Gaming Computer on a BUDGET? HOLD MY BEER!

Let’s dive into the world of PC Gaming. The premise is to see if we can play decent games on a modest gaming computer setup. I’m aware that the definition of “budget” is different from one person to another, but I’ve set a reasonable goal.


This build is averaging USD 920, or if you prefer, for my Canadian followers, CAD 1200. My max goal was USD 1000/ CAD 1350. While looking around, I noticed that most budget computers were going from USD 800 to USD 1200. I opted to grab the middle ground in between both. The series will feature my reasoning behind choosing X over Y.

The website PCPartPicker frankly help me with putting the parts I wanted together for my budget gaming computer. The website offers all sorts of valuable information when attempting to build a computer or your own. I sourced out everything I needed from Amazon Canada and or vendors.

Can You Build A Pc Gaming Computer On A Budget? Hold My Beer!

Gaming Computer PC Part List

The total cost of the system with taxes and shipping is CAD 1222.06 / USD 920.

In the next upcoming few days, I’ll be releasing some unboxing videos and commentary on the piece of hardware I choose for my gaming computer and why. It will help you understand my reasoning behind my choices while attempting to respect my budget of USD 1000/ CAD 1350.

What about the warranty?

One of the reasons that people tend to buy pre-built PCs is for the sense of safety and protection, in part guaranteed by a warranty. However, the truth is that the warranty very rarely covers you for as long as you need and you’re much better having a computer repair service on hand to help you fix what goes wrong. You might get some warranties for the components you buy, but having the right help on hand is typically a more practical solution.

If you have any comments, or questions, drop a comment below and share this intro to this series.

Can You Build A Gaming Computer On A Budget? Hold My Beer! - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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