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Ghostek Nrgbag 2 Series Cryovex
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Crazy for gear? You need the Ghostek NRGbag 2 in your life for $129.95

Ghostek provides a variety of products to the consumer market for the gear head tech enthusiast in all of us. I’m going to be talking about one of their latest which is the NRGBag 2 series which is a step up from the first edition some of you might have seen a few years back.

Crazy For Gear? You Need The Ghostek Nrgbag 2 In Your Life For $129.95 - Android News &Amp; All The BytesIt’s really a gear bag, it has many compartments for storing a variety of tech that you might carry with you. Whether this is for work, school, on the road it can handle it. It’s got a 40L capacity and with what most of us are actually carrying this is plenty. I know I carry a lot of stuff and some I’ve told me I’m crazy! If you’ve read this far keep on reading to see what I’m packing in there and tell me what you’d be doing with this backpack.

Ghostek Nrgbag 2 Series Cryovex

On the back, we’ve got a bottom storage compartment which to me would be for my wallet, cards and smartphone, while the top part of provides a protective sleeve for a laptop and a tablet. The cushion makes it ideal when you’ve got this on your back.

But really, what you really want to know is; What do I have in there? I’m carrying a slim Toshiba Z-30B notebook and a Lenovo Yogabook and my wallet. There happy?

There’s also a useful easy access storage on the front and this is where I hide my notebooks power cable and in-ear headphones from Echobox The Nomads.

The middle compartment of the bag is where all the magic happens. We’ve got a 16K battery charger which can charge a number of devices and from the looks of it, it has adapters weaved throughout the backpack.

Multiple storage areas which can hold a lot of items. I’ve got a Nikon D5300, an 18-55 lens, SDcards, battery charger for the camera, some flash diffusers, I’ve got a RHODE shotgun microphone, some cables and what not.

Ghostek Nrgbag 2 Series Cryovex

The backpack is water resistant making it ideal to run around with like I’m doing at the moment. Even if rain were to be in the forecast I wouldn’t worry about anything.

There are 2 access ports on the front, this allows you to easily connect your USB cable to charge a device and to plug-in the portable battery to recharge it. With the LED indicator button being secured to the strap of the bag, you’ll know exactly how much power you’ve got. It wouldn’t be complete without a built-In 16,000mAh Battery now would it?

The bag also provides for two bottle holders on each side. You’ve got to keep hydrated while running around. I mean you could put tall cans in each pocket… Just saying.

Ghostek Nrgbag 2 Series CryovexGhostek Nrgbag 2 Series Cryovex
Ghostek Nrgbag 2 Series CryovexGhostek Nrgbag 2 Series Cryovex
Ghostek Nrgbag 2 Series CryovexGhostek Nrgbag 2 Series Cryovex
Ghostek Nrgbag 2 Series Cryovex

There’s no shortage of storage in this bag and with a price tag of $129.95 USD, it’s not that expensive considering what the primary use of it is. You can get Ghostek online and in some retailer locations across the country. Being that I’m in Canada, the closest retailer would be Cellular Ego in Winnipeg. Of all the backpacks I’ve reviewed, tested, used, this is by far on par with TYLT’s own Energi Backpack.

Need more convincing? I’m heading to Toronto for the AndroidTO conference that’s happening in little than 2 weeks and I’m going to be also, believe it or not, pack some clothes for the 3 days I’ll be gone in this bag with everything else I need to setup shop and attend the event. You’d be surprised at what you can fit in this bag including the gear.

Let me know what you’re using for your gear bag! I’d like to see what you have and what you take with you. Just click your favourite social media icon and comment on the post!

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Crazy For Gear? You Need The Ghostek Nrgbag 2 In Your Life For $129.95 - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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