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Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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I've used and tested many headphones over the last 2 years and soDrop 2 by Ghostek are good looking, comfortable and they actually sound really good.

br hrThe soft leather feels to them for the headrest and the headphone muffs are really nice. This pair is a dual option with Bluetooth or via the 3.5mm jack. You have the option to use either. The complaints that often associated with Bluetooth is that the sound quality isn't that great or there's a lot of interference, while both of these can be true, there's a lot of factor at play that could and can contribute to this. Most high-end gears tend to now include both the 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth as a combination which leaves the choice to the user.

Made of ultra-durable, lightweight brushed aluminium and silky, soft leather, these headphones look as amazing as they sound. For added convenience and stealth, soDrop 2 headphones are fold-able and come with their own carrying case. You'll definitely get noticed if you walk down the street with these on your head.

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soDrop 2 Ghostek over-ear headphones cryovex android coliseum

The sound quality is actually much better than I expect. I can definitely feel the low sound register when I'm playing some of my favourite EDM songs, but for a good pair, we also need to pair this with some great vocal range and some sick highs for the notes. Compared to the expansive nature of some of the head phones for music lovers this hits the top at a modest price. You could easily compare the sound quality with the like of VModa, Master&Dynamic etc. Ghostek isn't kidding when they say you'll get great HD sound. The soDrop 2 feature aptX Bluetooth 4.0 which delivers rich quality sounds to almost any music.

The headphones feature bi-directional noise cancelling technology which works to some degree for the most part. I can listen to the music in the middle of downtown's traffic craziness and the sound and vibes flow clearly allowing me to just focus on the music. This really all depends on how high you have the volume set at while enjoying the beats.

soDrop 2 Ghostek over-ear headphones cryovex android coliseum

How much is that going to be for you? Ghostek has them listed for $99.95 which they could easily up the price to upwards of $200, they are that good. These Headphones Come With Ghostek's 1-Year Limited Exchange Warranty which is typical for such products.

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