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Rii K63c is the little brother of the K61c mechanical gaming keyboard

By little brother, I mean that this one has no keypad on the right side. That’s right this keyboard features and style is exactly like the K61c except for the fact that there’s no Numpad on the right hand-side. This is Rii latest offering with the K63c in their series of mechanical gaming keyboard.

Rii K63C Is The Little Brother Of The K61C Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes

Rii K63C Is The Little Brother Of The K61C Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes

The switch type is base on Blue and offers a switch travel ability of 4.0±0.2mm and the force needed 60±15g. The keyboard offers a full 104 keys with multi-function toggles using the FN key. The cable is braided to make it long lasting and durable while the keyboard itself is made of aircraft grade aluminium.

Using this keyboard also offers anti-ghosting keys, which comes in quite handy. The keys are made out of plastic and are etched with a laser and provide long lasting durability. The key cap puller will make it easy for anyone to clean the keyboard and or replace all the keys.

The keyboard can be programmed up to 3 set of programmable macro +4sets Giveaway keys +Key cap Puller.


  • Switch type: Blue
  • Switch force:60±15g
  • Switch Travel: 4.0±0.2mm
  • Keys: Anti-ghosting 87keys
  • Construction: Aircraft grade Aluminium
  • Cable: Multi cord / Braided
  • Key Cap: Plastics with Laser etching, no worry for the abrasion
  • Key Cap puller: You could pull the keycaps easily when cleaning or changing the keys
  • Product size: 446*188*45mm
  • Product weight: 1250g

How to set the macro keys

  • Press FN+Scrlk into Macro mode
  • Press FN+Pause, when the LED on and into recording status
  • Press any key you want to light up
  • Press FN+Pause to save

I might be addicted to Watch Dog 2 and this keyboard kind of goes well with the overall theme that it presents!

Not one of the cheapest piece of gaming mechanical keyboard, however, not one of the most expensive neither. The keyboard is sold on Amazon Canada for $89.99 CAD.

Rii K63C Is The Little Brother Of The K61C Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Android News &Amp; All The Bytes
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