True USB-C 3.1 with USB-IF certification popping out with Veckle [Update]

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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It's hard for consumers to go ahead and get a USB-C cable, to them it's all the same, but in reality, they aren't all the same and some are very dangerous for the devices you'll want to use them with. This is why some of us like myself, test the cables and see if they work properly, some like Benson Leung will go even further in their testing. Let's see what Veckle offers and yes, it's one of the good cables you want.

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I've been using a newer USB-C cable and I think that at the moment they might be one of the few who is officially supporting true USB-C 3.1 with USB-IF certification. There was a lot of commotion with Type-C in the last year where cables weren't safe to use with your device as they weren't compliant with the proper specification for USB-C which resulted in devices being damaged.

I've been testing and using this cable with a variety of devices, smartphone, laptop, monitor anything that USB-C can reach and connect to. This cable with its USB-C 3.1 supports the 10gbps of speed for data transfers, it's backwards compatible with the 5gpbs and the 480mbps transfer rate. This is blazing fast when you need to transfer a vast amount of files in the blink of an eye, of course, if your current hardware can support it. However, who uses a USB cable to transfer files from their devices anymore?

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Veckle's latest cable offers the ability to provide up to 100W of power in a 5A mode which will provide your device with the proper output in power allowing you to get fast charge without any problems. Don't forget that your wall charger needs to support the ability to provide that power output for your device else you'll just end up with the standard charging rate of 2.4A.

The cable design allows for rough use, you won't be scared away by being hard with this cable. The cable is re-enforced, designed with a spring function to it and is made to receive some abuse.Veckle USB-C 3.1 USB-IF cryovex header android canada

Benson Leung recently tested this exact cable and in his own words:

“tl;dr: Excellent SuperSpeed+ cable with 100W power support, but missing USB logos means you may forget what kind of cable it is. Anyway, good cable, small flaw in the lack of labelling. 4 stars.”

I opted for Jackery's TITAN S as it provides USB-C in/out to charge devices. Taking this a step further I've been using a Dell 27 Ultrathin Monitor: S2718D via USB-C which connects to my wonderful laptop and it worked like a charm and it's blazingly simple. I tested the transfer speed as well with one of Samsung's T3 250GB SSD USB-C 3.1 and it delivers speed and performance. I transferred 30GB files from my laptop to the SSD in a matter of seconds.

Sure, most users won't even know the difference really, but when you're a tech guy and you get crazy transfer rates like that, it beats doing it over WiFi.


  • It's USB-IF certified
  • It's USB 3.1
  • It's Safe (fully compliant)
  • Supports fast charging
  • Crazy data transfer speed
  • Re-enforced cable for durability

Veckle USB-C 3.1 USB-IF cryovex header android canada

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The cable is back in stock and it's available on Amazon at the low cost of $16.99.

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