What are the Best Analytics Tools for a Small Business

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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No matter what stage of development your small business is currently in, consider integrating analytical software solutions as soon as possible. AI and analytics are at the cutting edge of business productivity and performance, so if you want to compete, choose an analytics provision and start benefiting from actionable insights.


If you want a business intelligence tool that does more than gather and track data, then you need Scoro. Scoro is small business software that gives you an all-in-one way to manage your sales, connect with customers and manage your teams and projects on a single platform.

Choosing analytical software for your business is a crucial task. Because installing the software can either expand your business or put limitations on it. Scoro gives you enough additional functionality to make your analytical software work harder for your business.

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Dundas BI

Dundas is another powerful analytical software tool for businesses. As with Scoro, Dundas BI does more than collect troves of information; Dundas BI is an end-to-end intelligence platform designed to transform raw data into actionable insights to enhance productivity.

Not only is Dundas BI an effective analytics software too, but it has excellent functionality and integrations. Dundas BI is compatible with major networks and user-friendly thanks to its drag-and-drop solutions, with simple interfaces, dashboards, and admin portals.

What are the Best Analytics Tools for a Small Business
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MCH Strategic Data

MCH Strategic Data is an analytical software solution that helps businesses to achieve their goals using integrations, analytics, IT, and email deployment services. MCH Strategic Data has been working to improve sales and marketing for almost a century!

At MCH Strategic Data, we understand the power of big data and the importance of gathering, analyzing, and implementing data-driven insights to grow businesses and meet goals. Not only can you implement high-end software in your business, but you can access data experts.

Microsoft Power BI

If you want a business intelligence solution with pedigree, then partner with one of the big brands. Microsoft has established itself as a leading analytical software solution over decades and now offers a web-based analytical tool with a wide range of in-built tools and services.

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It doesn’t matter if you operate offline or on the cloud; Microsoft Power BI can handle different integrations giving you more options for analytics and security. Microsoft Power BI is also flexible and creative, with the ability to explore, analyze, and transform your data.


If you need high-quality data analysis at your fingertips, choose Sisense for your small business. Sisense is an excellent analytical tool capable of transforming your data into handy apps that can be embedded anywhere for your teams to access and use.

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With Sisense, you can benefit from Ad hoc reporting to streamline project performance for teams, an interactive business dashboard that is intuitive, secure, and easy to learn, with data services to gather and organize customer data, and transformational modelling capabilities.

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