Viper Gaming V570 Blackout Edition & RGB Mousepad UNBOXING!

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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Patriot sent me two of their fine products to unbox and feature. We are taking a look at the V570 Blackout Edition mouse and their RGB Mousepad.

Viper Gaming V570 Blackout Edition & RGB Mouse pad UNBOXING!

I've had other gear by Patriot in the past, however, this is the first look into Viper Gaming on my part. I'm a computer gamer among being a tech enthusiast and smartphone reviewer. I like gadgets and technology. Viper Gaming combines many aspects of this passion.

The V570 Blackout Edition features an all RGB illumination setup, it comes preloaded with a breathing profile. If RGB isn't your cup of tea, you may want to opt out. Viper Gaming does offer an alternative to this RGB model.

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If you do choose to install the Viper Gaming V570 software, you can customize your experience even further. The RGB lights can be programmed and decked out in many different ways. It wouldn't be complete without the ability to program 13 combinations of macros for the 5 buttons preset on the mouse.

What's noticeable is the single sniper button on the left side just above your thumb! Making it the ideal mouse for MMO's and FPS. The rubberized mouse button gives a nice feel on the hand, the click is short and actuate the mouse very quickly. You don't have to wait much for some action to happen! I do however find that reaching at the top of the mouse for my back and forward buttons slightly annoying. This will take some getting used to. I'm using to the single click button from the left side, I suppose I could remap the sniper button to a specific profile for my day to day and have that as the back button. While playing Destiny 2 and Overwatch the last few days, I've been enjoying the V570. The weights aren't added by default, this has for effect of making the mouse really light. You may want to get a feel for the mouse beforehand and then adjust the weights and see how it feels.

I did manage to set up a combination of jumping and shooting via one of the toggles when I'm in a frenzy and another combination of weapon fire and switch. The response that I get from this mouse is very impressive. I'll have to play more games and swap around with a few other to see how it really drives.

The V570 comes with the Avago mouse sensor which is a very precise and recommended option in a gaming mouse. We've got multiple DPI levels up to 12000 that can be configured in the software and the toggle sits just on top of the mouse itself.

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Day to day use with this mouse I leave the DPI at about 1000 but when the action starts, I usually drop this down to about 700. The bottom of the mouse does have some ceramic foot pad that allows it to glide over any type of surface. It gives this mouse a very smooth feeling.

So far I like it. I'll be able to have a better grasp and will make a follow-up article on the V570 in a month or so.

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When you add a mousepad like the Pro Gaming Mousepad from the Viper Gaming line, you're stepping up your game. The mouse pad delivers all-around RGB with mode selection from the toggle options embedded on the cable. You can have it in a solid RGB state, single colour mode and even get it vibing it's breathing pattern. The mate rigid polymer plastic provides a very smooth surface where a mouse like the V570 glides.

I enjoy the solid RGB while the mouse goes through its colour cycle giving this desktop setup a solid gamer profile. I would have preferred to see a mousepad that would hold also the keyboard making it a ultimate gamer surface. If you're considering a single mousepad, I'd pick this one up, the price is right.

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Viper Gaming

Viper Gaming V570 Mouse & Mouse Pad Viper Gaming V570 Mouse & Mouse Pad Viper Gaming V570 Mouse & Mouse Pad Viper Gaming V570 Mouse & Mouse Pad Viper Gaming V570 Mouse & Mouse PadViper Gaming V570 Mouse & Mouse Pad

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