TranyaGO Smartwatch Review: Unfortunately Very Basic

Martin Guay
Martin Guay - Chief Editor
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The best Smartwatches tend to have several features in common. A smartwatch should include features such as the ability to make and receive calls from the watch, quickly respond to messages on the fly, accurately track health data like heart rate and sleep, and be an extension of your smartphone's function. The TranyaGO smartwatch is affordable, and its USD$39.99 price tag is hard to beat, but the overall design of the watch and build quality aren't up to par with that of other similar devices. Check out what I have to say on the TranyaGO smartwatch review.


  • Step counter
  • Heart rate monitor
  • SPO2
  • Sleep counter
  • 6 Sports mode

TranyaGO - Out of the box - ReviewThe Step tracking feature of the TranyaGO often records false steps during my short commute. In comparison with the Samsung Galaxy Watch4, the heart rate monitor of the TranyaGO is significantly less accurate. However, the recorded sleep data on the watch is consistent with how the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 tracked sleep.

Design & Build Quality

When you take the smartwatch out of the box and peel the sticker, the first thing you'll notice is its striking similarity to the Apple Watch design. You might not even realize that it lacks a rotating option. Unfortunately, the silicone straps gave me a rash. The straps felt different than most silicone ones I have. I also got a rash from them. I've stopped wearing the silicone bands that come with the watch.

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TranyaGO - Silicone band rash - Review

The Display

The 1.69-inch LCD of the smartwatch is a good size and quality for the price. The black levels are meh for an LCD panel, and the smartwatch display is just ok for the price range. The TranyaGO outdoor visibility is poor, and using it under direct sunlight was a pain. 

Watch Interface

The navigation of the UI was painful, and the sluggish transition between different items was undesirable. Though most budget smartwatches don't prioritize good software design, the TranyaGO is no exception. While certain aspects of TranyaGO's software are well-designed, overall, the software experience feels clunky.

Navigating the watch's user interface is child's play. Swiping down from the main screen shows you quick settings; swiping left brings up the menu; swiping up brings up missed messages and notifications. Swiping right brings up your health data, including heart rate, sleep tracking, steps tracking, and Weather data.

To pair your watch with your phone, install the Glory Fit app from the Google Play Store. The app, for the most part, is fine. While it is basic in functionality, it gets the job done.

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TranyaGO - Showcase Display - ReviewTranyaGO - Watch sensors - Review

Battery Life

The TranyaGO has a 200mAh battery. The battery life is excellent, owing to the lower resolution and lower-refresh-rate display. Typically, I would get around one week of use with heart rate always on and moderate to heavy daily use.

The watch charges via a magnetic cable that attaches securely to the device. I'm not a huge fan of proprietary charging mechanisms, but I could usually achieve a full charge within one hour.

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Should you buy it?

The TranyaGO smartwatch is a basic product for the price. It lacks features, has a poor interface, and does not offer reliable health monitoring. I highly recommend looking elsewhere for a basic fitness smartwatch; however, I have a soft spot for the Mobvoi TicWatch E3, which will offer you real smartwatch features.


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