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Zephyr Ultra lightweight Gaming Mouse with a crazy Cooling System!

Martin Guay
Zephyr Ultra lightweight Gaming Mouse Found an interesting Kickstarter that aligns with my current series. They’ve already reached their goal, and they plan to ship out devices in October 2020. Zephyr Ultra lightweight Gaming Mouse with Adjustable Cooling System is LIVE on Kickstarter! It’s the...
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Enhance “YOUR” Battle Station!

Martin Guay
Enhance “YOUR” Battle Station like never before! Well… Maybe not. There’s definitely some easy purchases you can make to bring this to a more functional space! All the changes I’ve made are pretty cheap and won’t break the bank! Want to know more? You’ll just...
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Case fan RADIANT-D a GELID Solutions: Review

Martin Guay
There’s quite a bit of choice on the market when it comes to case fans for your desktop pc. Finding the right combination is not easy and often requires research. I’m here with GELIDSolutions and the RADIANT-D. The RADIANT-D is a 120mm fan that aims...
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Dope Gaming Keyboard V765 Viper Gaming : Review

Martin Guay
I have reviewed a few gaming keyboards over the past year. To this day, I have not found what I needed in a mechanical gaming keyboard. The V765 from Viper Gaming may just have changed that. This is a sponsored review in partnership with Viper...
Featured Gaming Hardware Keyboard & Mouse Reviews

Viper Gaming V770 Mechanical Keyboard : Review

Martin Guay
Viper Gaming is sponsoring this review of the V770 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard! I’ll give you some of my experiences and provide you with how I feel the keyboard has worked out for me. [amazon box=”B072JX9KRQ”] The V770 starts with a detailed crafted aluminum chassis which...
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ICETEK 3 Case Fans RGB LED Kit ($31 CAD)

Martin Guay
Looks like the Budget Computer got it’s 3 Fans kit a little early! The price was right, it looked like it would fit nicely and deliver some nice lightning while still cooling down the overall case by as much as 10-degree Celsius. This is part...
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